Devtorium Information Security Services: Introducing the Team

The scope of information security services is extensive today, and Devtorium is proud to announce that we are expanding our offering in this area. Today, we are introducing our Information Security Team and explaining all the services we can provide to help protect your business on every level.

Let’s start with a quick recap: Devtorium offers a wide range of cybersecurity services to any business, regardless of industry. In addition to this, Morebis, a part of the Devtorium Group of Companies, holds the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification in the ISMS field. Moreover, this year, we became partners of the PECB Company. We can now conduct audits and provide training courses for those wishing to receive this ISO certification.

How Devtorium Information Security Services Can Benefit Your Business

Because Devtorium is a versatile team of professionals, we can offer multiple types of services to our clients. In regards to information security, we can help protect your business by providing the following:

  • Comprehensive information security system audit
    We can conduct a comprehensive study and analysis of your entire security system. Our audit covers everything, from the physical security of the building to the digital security of your products.
  • Threats and weaknesses investigation
    Our specialists will identify risks and vulnerabilities while going through your entire security system. The report we provide after a thorough risk assessment will list all your weaknesses and potential threats so you can understand where the danger is. It will enable you to make better decisions when building or updating your security system.
  • Security system checklist
    Devtorium specialists can provide you with a detailed checklist you can use to build a tight security system. The checklist is built based on our professionals’ investigation and custom-tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Security system design and setup
    You can employ Devtorium information security services when building a security system from scratch or updating the one you have. In this case, our specialists will conduct an audit, provide a plan, and help guide you through every step of securing your business.
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification audit
    Devtorium is now a certified company that can conduct an audit you need to receive your ISO 27001:2013 certification. We are also authorized to provide the training necessary to achieve this certification level.

Information Security Services by Devtorium: The Team

Today, we want to introduce you to some Devtorium Information Security Team members. This team comprises specialists in different areas, each with outstanding talent in their field. They work together to cover different areas of digital and physical business security.

Our team is young but includes outstanding people with many years of experience in their respective fields.

Nataliia Kashuba: Chief Information Security Officer.

Nataliia Kashuba: Chief Security Officer/Deputy General Manager

The Head of Devtorium’s Information Security Department, Nataliia Kashuba, holds Cisco Networking Academy/CCNA Cybersecurity Operations, DPO and ISO 27001 SLA certifications. Nataliia is our foremost expert on information security services. Her job is to coordinate the team’s work at every level.

Moreover, Nataliia is also the founder of a charity fund that actively supports Ukraine’s defenders. They provide dehydrated homecooked meal packs to soldiers on the frontlines and work with volunteers to provide our forces with necessary equipment and meds.

From her position as Chief Security Officer, Nataliia takes on the leadership role when working with clients and developing a personalized strategy for each of them. She is also directly responsible for Devtorium’s security certification renewal and the growth of our services package in this niche.

Pavlo Kharchenko: responsible for all documentation regarding information security services.

Pavlo Kharchenko: Head of IT Department

The Head of Devtorium IT Department also actively participates in our Information Security Services Team. He holds the ISO 27001LA certification and has vast experience working with the documents necessary to achieve these certifications. Managing this area of security paperwork is his main focus in the team. The documentation that Pavlo audits covers everything from the company’s policies to instructions on keeping all their communication and offices secure.

Pavlo is also responsible for digital security within our own company and can offer these services to Devtorium clients. This part of his specialization covers:

  • Ensuring that all communication within the company and with outside agents is secure on every level
  • Monitoring and maintaining network security
  • Developing and managing the procedures to ensure the physical security of the company’s offices and equipment
  • Creating security protocols for working with third-party software and ensuring all such interactions are secure and the client’s data is protected
Anton Mikushyn: Head of QA Depatrtment and leader in information security services area of penetration testing.

Anton Mikushyn: Head of QA Department

QA professionals make up a vital part of the Devtorium Information Security Team. Even the Head of our QA Department, Anton Mikushyn, plays an active role. As a part of the team, his responsibilities are:

  • Projecting and implementation of secure architectures of applications to avoid security threats from the start
  • Performing penetration testing to find and remove threats in applications
  • Personnel education
  • Creation and realization of security policies
  • Organization of security monitoring for early identification and elimination of threats
  • Research of new threats and technologies
  • Reaction to security incidents, including analysis and recovery after incidents
  • Attack scenarios development
  • Evaluation of the acknowledgment level of employees in security areas and improvement strategy development

In regards to the relevance of information security today and his personal interest in the field, Anton had a lot to share:

This is a new and interesting area where I have a lot of space to grow, and it can be an additional technology that our company can handle as a developing area.

According to the latest situation in the world, information is essential, and its importance will keep growing in the future. I like to compare the real world with science fiction movies. For example, we were shown a world with electric self-driving cars (see I, Robot, Demolition Man, Blade Runner, etc.). Now, for the last ten years, vehicles with self-driving technologies have been mass-produced and are becoming the norm. Even the creation of a flying taxi is merely a question of time ( remember the 5th Element).

So it’s time to look back to Johnny Mnemonic, where loading information into an implant is safer than sending it via the web. Cybersecurity today is not about keeping someone’s data private but about keeping systems functional. Your systems must be able to communicate with other systems and recover after an attack. This area will broaden as the number of systems we use daily grows. Today, technology controls almost everything, starting from smart kettles and finishing with applications to run nuclear plants. So, security is paramount.

Nadiia Ovsiannikova: Information security services QA testing knowledge lead.

Nadiia Ovsiannikova: Senior QA Engineer

Another member of our Information Security Team from the QA side is a senior-level professional with 10+ years of experience, Nadiia Ovsiannikova. Nadiia started studying security as a personal interest because she enjoys learning everything connected to testing. Moreover, Nadiia understands that it’s imperative for everyone today to be aware of the dangers waiting for you online. Therefore, she wanted to know how to protect herself and quickly expanded this to teaching others in the company.

At the moment, Nadiia’s specialization in the team mainly concerns knowledge-sharing and penetration testing. Nadiia can use her experience in QA testing and understanding of contemporary security practices to implement various types of testing.

Dmytro Chernenko: DevSecOps and responsible for network information security services.

Dmytro Chernenko: Junior System Administrator/DevSecOps

Dmytro is one of the youngest members of the Devtorium Information Security Services Team, and he is one of the most motivated. He holds several certifications, including Cybersecurity Essential, CCNA Cybersecurity Operations, Get Connected, and NDG Linux. As a part of the team, he acts as a DevSecOps and is responsible for the following:

  • Threat monitoring, classification, and evaluation of threat level
  • Risk management
  • Comprehensive systems monitoring
  • Implementation of authentication and authorization systems
  • Implementation of automated information security tools

Dmytro is developing fast in his career, and his plans for the near future include obtaining the CISCO Cybersecurity certification. His main ambition for now is to grow to the Security Architect position.

Devtorium Information Security Services: Plans for the Future

Devtorium continues its work in developing a wider offering of information security services to any business interested in protecting itself. We are also now able to help those who are looking to achieve their own ISO 27001:2013 certification. If you want to learn how we can help you, contact us for a free consultation.

More on the topic of cybersecurity from Devtorium:

Hiring an IT Security Services Company: Understand Types of IT Security

Hiring an IT security services company is a big responsibility because these people will significantly impact your business. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research beforehand to know exactly what to look for.

Today we will discuss the types of IT security services a business needs. This post will help you understand what to consider from the contractor’s list of services and experience.

If you need a reminder of why investing in cyber security services company matters, remember that companies like Equifax and Yahoo lost over $425 and $117 million, respectively, due to data breaches. The number of cybercrimes and losses they cause is growing exponentially. So, today, cyber security should be the highest priority for any business.

Types of services offered by an IT security services company.

Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Security Services Company

Of course, you want maximum benefit for your money, right?

So, the cyber security services company you hire must offer all types of protections that a business needs. Check out the most critical types of IT security services today:

  • Network security.
    The company you hire must be able to ensure the usability, integrity, and reliability of your entire network. So they do not only protect it from hackers but also prevent problems the users might have accessing the network.
  • Internet security.
    Your IT security company must protect your browsers and web-based apps. Also, you should find out whether they offer training or find it elsewhere. Employee training is an integral part of the complex measures that ensure your online business security.
  • Endpoint security.
    Endpoint security is device protection. Note that this includes not only desktop computers and laptops used in the workplace but also smartphones and tablets. It primarily relies on device management solutions and malware protection.
  • Application security.
    Bear in mind that application security is literally coded in when the app is in development. That said, it’s possible to increase the security of an existing app after evaluating its code and covering vulnerabilities. But it’s always best to have the highest security level from the start.
  • Cloud security.
    Tools used to ensure cloud services security include, but aren’t limited to, Secure Interner Gateways (SIG), cloud-based unified threat management (UTM), and cloud access security broker (CASB).

How to hire an IT security services company: final tips.

How to Hire a Cyber Security Services Company: Other Factors That Matter

When hiring an IT security services company, you need to consider what they can do for you on a broader scale. For example, as a business, you often need to prove that your customers are well-protected. You can do it by displaying certificates from trusted security solutions integrated into your services. In addition, you can educate your clients about the data encryption methods you implement. The security company can provide you with all this.

But businesses dealing with more sensitive data or, for instance, participating in the tendering process need more advanced security verifications. In this case, you can have an IT security services company with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Certificate audit your business. This will allow you to use the internationally-recognized certificate as proof that your company is above reproach. Note that such an audit is a mandatory requirement for some contracts, especially with the government.

Are You Ready to Hire an IT Security Services Company?

You are ready to hire a cyber security services company whenever you even think about starting a business. If you already have a company of your own and no one is providing you with top-notch security services, you are at risk.

Contact Devtorium Information Security Department and arrange an audit right away!

We are an ISO 21007:2013-certified company. Our experts will conduct a detailed audit of all your security systems and protocols and provide a list of suggestions on how to protect your business in the best possible way.

IT Security Services: Tips for Keeping Your Workplace Safe Online

If IT security services aren’t one of the leading chapters in your budget, you’re making an enormous mistake. TechTarget aggregated some cyber security statistics that one is guaranteed to lose sleep over. For example, the predicted cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. The number of security attacks grew by 31% in 2020-2021, and it keeps increasing. Moreover, it takes data security teams almost a year (287 days on average) to detect the breach.

Now, consider that data and imagine how much your business can lose to a serious cyber attack.

Is it too terrifying to even think about?

That’s why investing in a reliable cyber security services company is a must. However, there are also some easy steps you can take to increase information security in the workplace right now.

Build Strong Defenses Relying on Trusted IT Security Services

All personal gadgets, company laptops, or any other tech that can be an entry point for a cyber attack must have strong defenses. You can build them by setting high security standards. Remember to cover both the equipment located in the workplace and the tech used by employees to work from home.

Basic protections recommended by a cyber security services company include:

  • Protect both devices and accounts with strong passwords.
  • Use a trusted and tested password manager.
  • Ensure your employees don’t set the same password for several accounts.
  • Use two-step authentication wherever possible.
  • Keep all software, including operating systems, up to date on all devices.
  • Invest in top-grade firewalls and anti-virus software for all company-issued computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Use only verified secure cloud storage and collaboration tools within your company.
  • Use a high-quality VPN.
  • Make sure your networks are secure at all times.

Most importantly, you should perform a regular information security assessment to check for possible breaches. You also must develop efficient processes that monitor adherence to your security standards and protocols.

How to protect your business with IT security services.

Provide Your Employees with IT Security Services Training

At least partially compromised credentials cause about 20% of all data breaches. Therefore, even hiring the best cyber security services company cannot protect you entirely unless your workforce is well-educated.

It means training, training, and more training!

First, you have to develop security protocols that all employees must follow. Next, you must initiate regular training to educate everyone on the best practices of staying safe online. In addition, you must conduct an information security assessment regularly to ensure that all employees follow the rules.

This education is also vital to ensure that everyone in your workforce knows how to secure their personal devices. If they work from home or connect to the company’s network while in the office, their lack of personal security will be a considerable risk factor for your business.

Moreover, this training must be a compulsory part of the onboarding process. You have to make sure that everyone in your company understands the importance of keeping all devices secure. You might also consider specialized ethics training for people handling customer data.

Teach your employees everything from point one of this article. Also, add the training on things to avoid, for example:

  • Sharing sensitive information online. This includes training in how to spot a shady web page or, for instance, a suspicious signup request.
  • Clicking on links you aren’t 100% sure about. Any links and attachments in emails and messengers should be treated with suspicion. The same goes for buttons and links in popups.
  • Falling for email scams and phishing messages. One needs to always look out for things like misspellings, irrelevant text, or offers that are too good to be true.

Most importantly, you must repeat these trainings regularly.

Keep your employees educated about the best IT security services.

Utilize Multiple IT Security Measures

You must know that IT security services are not only digital. Therefore, your business’ security needs to consider more than firewalls, antiviruses, and good passwords. You also should invest in security badges and monitoring equipment. Make sure no one can access your building and important data without at least two-factor authorization.

Also, you should take careful inventory of all your hardware and software. It must be a part of your information security assessment. When you have the complete inventory, set up processes to track all hardware and software within your organization. Don’t forget to install appropriate monitoring software on devices your employees use to work from home.

Finally, never discard the importance of limited access to sensitive data and areas. Implementing a zero-trust policy in your approach to cyber security might be best.

Bottom Line: Invest in the Best IT Security Services for the Best Future

Installing the right protective software and hardware, as well as providing online security education are integral parts of keeping your business safe. You can see plenty of examples of businesses losing billions of dollars because of a seemingly minor security breach or even a disgruntled employee. So, you really can’t afford to have any weakness in your online and offline defenses.

To cover all your bases, you need to hire an experienced and certified cyber security services company. At Devtorium, we have an ISO 27001:2013 certified cyber security department that can conduct a thorough information security assessment and provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to keep your business safe. Contact us right now to set up a free consultation!

Why Data Security Services Matter: Biggest Scandals of the 21st Century

If you think that data security services shouldn’t be your business’ priority, think again. History teaches us that even giants that lead the market can topple under the power of a data breach. Moreover, even if the company makes it through the scandal, the damage to its reputation is irreparable. 

Human psyche works in such a way that negative news make the biggest impression on us. So, to understand why you should invest in top-notch cyber security services, see the damage compromised data can cause.

5 Companies That Should Have Invested in Better Data Security Services


In 2019, a disgruntled employee of Canada’s biggest credit union Desjardins compromised 4.2 million customer accounts. This data breach resulted in a $200.9 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit decided on by the Superior Court of Quebec. The rogue employee had been at it for 26 months before he getting caught.

It’s essential to note that the investigation of the incident uncovered that the breach also affected 1.8 million people who weren’t Desjardins’ customers. Moreover, the case cost even more to Desjardins because it offered 5-year Equifax credit monitoring as compensation to those affected.

The employee who caused the breach accessed the customers’ names, emails, social security numbers, and transaction records. Luckily, according to Desjardins’ reports, he wasn’t able to compromise actual card numbers, passwords, and PINs.

However, this situation shows that the business can incur enormous losses without losing vital information. Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that this data breach wasn’t a result of an outside cyberattack. Instead, the breach occurred from within, highlighting the need to invest in 100% comprehensive information security audits and monitoring. It’s also a reminder to employers that they must be extremely selective with privileged access to critical data. Malicious employees shouldn’t be able to access such information and go undiscovered for years.

Why you need comprehensive data security services.


The Equifax cyber security breach is considered one of the worst in history. It was a true disaster, and the settlement alone cost Equifax $425 million. However, the actual cost of this breach was much higher. This incident compromised the personal information of 147 million people. Quite a few of them suffered severe consequences from this identity theft.

The biggest issue with this breach was that it exposed inadequate cybersecurity practices of Equifax. As a result of poor data security services, there were several significant flaws that could exploit.

  • Equifax failed to fix a well-known vulnerability, CVE-2017-5638, although the patch was available.
  • The company didn’t segment its ecosystem. As a result, the hackers only needed to gain access once through a breach of the Equifax web portal. From there, they could access multiple servers stealing valuable data.
  • The attackers could easily escalate their access because they found passwords and usernames saved in plain text.
  • As Equifax didn’t bother renewing one of their encryption certificates, the hackers could exfiltrate the data easily. Moreover, they’ve been doing it for several months completely undetected.

In addition, the company executives chose to hide the breach and announced it only a month later. During that time, they sold off their stock, which triggered a case of insider trading. Final investigations indicate that this data breach could potentially impact about 40% of the entire US population.

All in all, this case is the best example of why you must keep your data security services up-to-date.


Yahoo suffered two disastrous data breaches in 2013 and 2014. However, the company went public about this only in 2016. A total of 3.5 billion accounts were compromised in those incidents. Verizon was in the middle of buying Yahoo, when it finally shared information about the breach. The deal went through, and Verizon’s spokesperson highlighted that they would help the Yahoo team improve their security.

Eventually, the Yahoo database was discovered for sale on the black market. Compromised information included users’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, emails, and hashed passwords. But, according to Yahoo, hackers didn’t steal credit card numbers and other payment details.

The class action lawsuit took years, but in 2020 the Northern District of California approved a settlement of $117.5 million. However, it’s only a fraction of what such poor data security services will cost.  The bigger consequence for Yahoo is that Verizon bought it for a much lower price.

How big companies lose money because of poor data security services.

Mariott International (Starwood)

Over 500 million accounts were compromised in a massive data breach of the Starwood hotels, purchased by Mariott in 2016. Marriott carried out an investigation that revealed that the Starwood network was breached in 2014. From there, the breach spread to other hotels owned by Mariott, including Sheraton, St. Regis, Westin, and W Hotels.

A wide range of hotel guests’ personal information was stolen in that data breach. Currently, the class action lawsuit includes 133 million plaintiffs and is still underway. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office fined Marriott about £18.4 million. However, this story of disastrous data security services isn’t over yet.

The example of Marriott indicated how crucial it is to carry out regular and in-depth information security audits. It’s highly troubling that the breach has gone unnoticed for four years. During this time, hackers managed to exploit system vulnerabilities to compromise additional databases.


In 2013, Adobe reported that it suffered a cybersecurity breach that compromised 153 million user accounts. In addition, 38 million active users lost their IDs and encrypted passwords. Investigations show that users’ names and credit card information were stolen as well.

Adobe paid $1.1 million in legal fees and supposedly $1 million as an undisclosed settlement with its customers.

The true tragedy of this story is that the company didn’t learn from the incident. As a result, Adobe suffered several more debilitating breaches over recent years. For example, in 2022, an unsecured server became the cause of compromising 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts.

How to Choose Data Security Services Company

These are only five examples of how much a security breach can cost a business. But there are thousands of other cases like this. Cumulative losses caused by cybercriminals are going into trillions already.

So, if there is one thing a business can’t afford to be cheap about, it’s information security. The road to making your business as safe as can be starts with a comprehensive audit.

Apply for one now!

Penetration Testing Types Explained

If you wonder whether investing in information security and penetration testing is worth it, consider that cybercrime is expected to cost $10.5 trillion by 2025. So, top-notch cybersecurity is invaluable if you want to minimize the risk of losing a massive part of your business money. Your IT infrastructure will require extensive testing to create an efficient information security system.

During penetration testing, auditors simulate all kinds of attacks. Therefore, they use different approaches depending on the level of information available to the expert. To make the conditions close to real life, testers might not have any ‘insider’ info, like any external hacker. Using this criterion, experts distinguish three main approaches to pen tests: black, white, and gray box.

What is white box penetration testing.

White Box Penetration Testing

White box pen testing is when the tester has access to complete information about the source code and environment. Basically, the pen testing team knows all there is to know about the system. Therefore, they can perform a most comprehensive study of its weaknesses. This analysis includes assessing areas such as code quality or system design.

Other names for white box testing include internal penetration testing or clear/glass box testing. The names indicate that this audit aims to study the entire system in-depth. Such a comprehensive analysis is rather expensive. Each area of the whole security infrastructure must be tested thoroughly. Therefore, on average, white box penetration testing can take two or three weeks.

Black box penetration testing explained.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Black box, otherwise called external penetration testing, is an approach used to simulate an attack from outside. The tester has very little, if any, information about the system. This approach allows running tests in a setting closest to a real-life hacker attack.

The cost of these penetration tests can vary greatly depending on the business’s IT infrastructure and requirements. However, it’s important to note that black box penetration testing can take as many as six weeks. In addition, these audits require extensive planning and creating a detailed report on how to address all system vulnerabilities.

The attack can be complex, and the tester will use all possible means to break into the system. To perform a quality black box audit, testers must have specialist experience. Look for certified professionals only.

What is gray box penetration testing?

Gray Box Penetration Testing

Gray box penetration testing is a mix of black and white. First, the tester has partial information and access to the system. From there, they will use a wide range of techniques and tools to break into it. One common gray pen testing scheme is giving the tester standard user privileges.

Note that for this approach the customer might request a specific set of conditions. For example, trying to get access to the application source code from the position of a registered user account.

Due to this methodology, gray penetration testing is more precisely targeted. So, the customer might use their budget most efficiently. In addition, this testing allows the creation of particular recommendations on how to get rid of the identified vulnerabilities.

Types of penetration testing.

Penetration Testing Types, Tools, and Methods

White, black, and gray are approaches that cybersecurity experts use during an audit. Those approaches are realized through a set of pen tests that can be divided into types based on targeted areas.

Network service testing

Network service penetration testing analyzes the infrastructure of the network to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This type of testing studies servers, firewalls, routers, printers, switches, workstations, etc. The purpose of this test is protection against the most common threats that target networks. Those include:

  • Router attacks
  • DNS attacks (zone transfer attacks and switching/routing attacks)
  • Firewall misconfiguration or bypass
  • FTP/SMTP attacks
  • SSH attacks
  • Database attacks
  • Proxy server attacks
  • Man In The Middle (MITM)
  • Unnecessary open ports

Network services are critical for any business. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure your absolute security in this area.

Application testing

Apps can perform a multitude of tasks, both within the business and for its interactions with customers. However, they also serve as inherent security weaknesses, especially web-based apps. Therefore, penetration testing of each app becomes a necessity.

This type of testing will use a wide range of methods to try breaking the application from every entry point. Therefore, these tests must be highly targeted and detailed to ensure no weakness is missed. In the end, the team of auditors should provide a detailed report. It must list all the vulnerabilities and rate them by the threat level. Also, they must offer solutions for each issue.

Wireless network testing

Wireless penetration testing focuses specifically on the WiFi part of the business’s IT infrastructure. Today this testing covers not only laptops, smartphones, and tablets but also all connected IoT devices. Note that this type of audit should be performed on-site.

Important points to consider during this type of pen testing include:

  • Identifying every single entry point.
  • Analyzing the level of encryption at each point.
  • Assessment of the systems used for monitoring for possible unauthorized users.
  • Studying the network configuration.
  • Evaluating current protection measures.
  • Checking if all entry points use the WPA protocol.

Social engineering

Social engineering pen testing looks into the possibility of an outside agent using different methods to trick sensitive information out of the users. For example, one such threat is cons that aim to persuade you to give up bank login information. Bear in mind that most cyberattacks use social engineering at some point in their schemes.

Penetration testers use the following simulated attacks and tricks to run this audit:

  • Gifts
  • Phishing
  • Pre-texting
  • Smishing
  • Name dropping
  • Vishing
  • Imposters
  • Dumpster-diving
  • Eavesdropping

Client-side penetration testing

Finding any weaknesses in client-side apps is a must to identify specifically targeted cyberattacks. This type of testing is used to fight against threats like:

  • Malware infections
  • HTML injections
  • Cross-site scripting attacks
  • Hijacked forms
  • Clickjack attacks
  • Open redirections
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Red team & blue team

Red and blue team penetration testing audits the system using two different types of simulations. Red teams focus on offensive defense. It means that they simulate external attacks. Meanwhile, blue teams are pure defense. Therefore, they clash with the red teams, and each side tries to find weaknesses in the other.

The testing environment is completely controlled. However, it’s as close as you can get to an attack from real hackers. As a result, it can provide valuable insights and help design an effective cyber security infrastructure.

Mobile penetration testing

Penetration testing specialists will use manual and automated testing tools to find weaknesses specifically in mobile apps. Those are always high-risk. Also, they often use multiple third-party software integrations. Therefore, the number of possible weaknesses increases.

Extensive penetration testing will enable auditors to find any vulnerabilities and issues with:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Cryptography
  • Session management

In Conclusion: Which Testing Type Does Your Business Need?

There can be no doubt that penetration testing is essential if you want to ensure the security of your business in the digital age. However, as you’ve seen, information security testing can be highly varied. Therefore, the most efficient way to provide your business with the best defenses is to consult an experienced cyber security services company.

Expert auditors will be able to assess your business’s current cybersecurity infrastructure and needs. Then, they can use this information to develop a plan that will give you the maximum level of protection for any budget. If that is your goal, contact us and make an appointment with Devtorium information security experts anytime!

Devtorium as a Cyber Security Services Company

When we established the Devtorium Group of Companies, we aimed for versatility. Today we are introducing Devtorium as a cyber security services company. We understand the value of data protection in the modern world. Therefore, we strive to provide our customers with the best information security audit and management services.

The Devtorium cyber security consulting team uses the PDCA model to help our customers build the most effective defenses. It means that our certified experts can:

  • Plan.
    Create an ISMS (Information Security Management System) that includes risk management and assets identification.
  • Do.
    Implement and operate the new ISMS.
  • Check.
    Monitor and analyze the ISMS constantly.
  • Act.
    Maintain the ISMS and improve it continuously to protect from emerging threats.

At Devtorium, we deliver full-cycle software product development and maintenance services. To this end, we hold various certifications and are authorized to provide a wide range of information security services. Read the post below to learn what we can do to give your business and data the maximum level of protection.

Devtorium: Cyber Security Services Company with ISO Certification 27001:2013

Morebis Inc. (, a part of the Devtorium Group of companies, holds the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS security certificate. Morebis and Devtorium merged in September 2021, and we have been proud of this deal ever since.

The Morebis Inc. software development team is exceptionally talented and experienced. And now, the Devtorium information security department can provide a higher level of cyber security consulting services to enterprises and other types of businesses.

The ISO certification 27001:2013 enables our team to ‘share’ this certification with customers. So, our clients can boost their credibility by using the certificate icon on their pages as an authorized cyber security services company is auditing them.

We are also eligible to participate in international tenders as this certification is proof of the Devtorium information security audit team’s top-rated skills. 

Devtorium Information Security Audit

As a cyber security services company, Devtorium can perform a comprehensive audit of your systems. During this procedure, we are going to analyze the entire system to identify weaknesses in the areas of:

  • Physical protection
  • Software security
  • ISMS standards compliance

By the end of the audit, our experts will be able to guide you in how to bring your company’s security up to the highest standards.

Black Box Assessment

One of the services we offer our customers is Black Box Security Audit. This type of audit works by emulating an external attack to see how the system responds to real-life threats. It’s no secret that cybercriminals are growing bolder by the day. Therefore, the level of threat from attackers and their ingenuity is increasing.

Black Box Audit is an effective response to those threats. Our team developed a unique set of tools that we can use to emulate a wide range of attacks. Moreover, we keep improving it to stay ahead of the emerging threats.

This type of information security audit helps highlight the weaknesses in the client’s existing security system. Also, it enables us to view the potential impact of an attack on the business.

Black Box Assessment is essential because it shows how your protections respond to an attack from a source that doesn’t know anything about the company’s IT structure. Therefore, it helps identify a greater number of system vulnerabilities. As a result of this audit, we are able to develop more robust security solutions for our clients.

Password Audit

We so often take passwords for granted these days. However, it’s crucial to remember that they remain one of the biggest weaknesses of any security system. As a cyber security services company, we make it our business to ensure that our clients use the most efficient password creation and storage methods.

Devtorium will do everything possible within the realm of modern technology to close this route of attack on your data.

Cyber security services company: penetration testing types

Penetration Testing Provided by the Devtorium Cyber Security Services Company

Our cyber security consulting services also include conducting full-range penetration testing of the client’s system. This includes:

  • Network service penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Client-side penetration testing
  • Wireless network penetration testing
  • Social engineering
  • Red team & blue team
  • Mobile penetration testing

A comprehensive information security audit from Devtorium goes as follows:

  1. Performing load testing and audit on all of the company’s systems to identify vulnerabilities and risk zones.
  2. Simulating an attack.
  3. Finding a weak link in the control systems and modeling an attack.
  4. Simulating an adversary.
    The simulated adversary will follow two possible routes. Number one is an internal attack, for example, a physical attack on the company infrastructure. Another option is acting through employees through bribery, intimidation, extortion, etc. The other way for a simulated adversary to choose is an external attack. It means emulating possible email hacks, network penetration attacks, etc.
  5. Developing a list of recommendations depending on the results of tests and audits.

Once these steps are complete, we can build and maintain a highly reliable ISMS for every client.

Devtorium Cyber Security Consulting and Application Assessment

A part of our cyber security consulting services focuses on web application assessment. Web apps often store a lot of sensitive data, but they can be highly vulnerable to attacks. That’s why they require extensive manual testing in order to develop the best protection.

After performing these tests, we would be able to advise how to increase the security maturity of the app. In addition, we will offer solutions to limit its inherent security weaknesses.

We use various methods to identify vulnerabilities during our web app information security audit. We try to find weaknesses at every stage of the application life cycle: design, development, deployment, upgrading, and maintenance. In addition, we study possible app design defects that can turn into vulnerabilities over time.

Our ultimate goal is to find, fix, and, most importantly, prevent weaknesses. Looking into the future is what we do at Devtorium. Our motto is to future-proof our customers’ businesses to help them succeed in today’s volatile economic conditions.

If you want to ensure that your company’s cyber security performs to the highest standards, contact us and set up a consultation now!

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for Outsourced Software Product Development Company Morebis (Devtorium Group)

We are proud to announce that the outsourcing company Morebis Inc. (, which is part of the Devtorium group of companies, received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate in the ISMS field. We celebrate this as one of the crucial steps in our growth as an outsourced software product development company and an achievement for the entire Devtorium group.

The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification indicates that the accredited company maintains the high international information security standard, which is set by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. To prove the right to hold this certification, Morebis Inc. underwent a thorough audit during which the company confirmed:

  • Its ability to implement and maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.
  • Its readiness to monitor for and protect from threats.
  • Its understanding of the risks and preparedness to comply with all the necessary security obligations.
  • Its skill in managing the team that can successfully build a compliant ISMS.
  • Its ability to support continued information security improvements to the ISMS.

Understanding how to set up and maintain such a high-standard ISMS is a valuable asset of our information security division. Also, we are happy that we can share this knowledge with our customers and help them improve their security with our aid.

While proud of this accomplishment, we would also like to say that we do not believe that this certification is the end. One of our main goals as an outsourced software product development company is to increase our level of security. We also aim to show our customers that their data is completely safe with us. And raising this level of safety is a process we are working on relentlessly even now.

The process is led by our Chief Security Officer, Nataliia Kashuba.

Nataliia Kashuba on the Future of Outsourced Software Product Development Company Morebis and Devtorium Group

Nataliia Kashuba joined the Devtorium group of companies in September 2021 during the merger between Morebis and Devtorium. At the time, she has already been hard at work obtaining the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Nataliia has been working in the information security sector for 15 years. She holds multiple certifications, including the ISO/IEC 27001 Senior Lead Auditor and Data Protection Officer (DPO).

She considers building the company’s ISMS from scratch as one of her most notable accomplishments to date. However, Nataliia believes that one must never stop in their growth. Therefore, she already has multiple plans and goals to improve the Information Security Department in the Devtorium group of companies.

Here’s what she thinks about this milestone:

Q: What does receiving the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate mean for Morebis as an outsourced software product development company?

A: It means we’ve moved up a notch in the outsourcing business. We will have more business opportunities on the global market with this certification.  Moreover, as we have two ISO/IEC certified auditors on staff, we can offer security audits as part of our services. So we can help any business identify vulnerabilities in their systems and avoid disastrous consequences of data breaches.

Q: What new opportunities do Morebis and the Devtorium group of companies have now, after achieving this level?

A: The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate opens many doors for us because many businesses today only agree to work with developers that hold trustworthy security certifications. So we now have a chance to participate in both state and private tenders and seek higher-level clients for development.

Q: What is the next goal for the company’s growth from the point of view of the Chief Security Officer?

A: Oooh, we have so much to work on. We must constantly improve. The security world does not stand still, and we must strive to be one step ahead of threats. That’s why our team of pentesters and security professionals is constantly working to investigate vulnerabilities and build effective strategies for strengthening security systems. The goal is always to minimize risks and prevent attacks. We must also remember that we will undergo multiple auditions for the next few years to prove that our improvement is sufficient to maintain this certification.

Q: What are the biggest information security threats now, and how can the company help its customers protect against them?

A: Alas, but People are the biggest threat 🙂 We can find vulnerabilities and help minimize losses. Information is the most valuable asset. Therefore, many are interested in making money by stealing it. Every piece of information has its price. And we can help save the valuable assets of the company by finding where the weaknesses are and building a strategy of effective defense.

Data is indeed the most valuable asset any business has. From a beauty salon’s customer database to a payment processing system’s financial information, stealing any bit of data can ruin a business entirely. As a software product development company, we work to protect our customers’ data in the best way possible. And we are sure that our Information Security division led by Nataliia can achieve this.

If you are interested in obtaining IT security services from an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified business, contact us!


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