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We can help your business achieve new heights by implementing advanced technologies and realizing daring projects in innovation. Outsourcing, dedicated teams, and custom software development from scratch, Devtorium solution engineers, data scientists, analysts, and designers are ready and able to tackle any challenge in maximizing profits for our clients.

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Our values are at the heart of our success

Innovation & Growth

At Devtorium, we foster a culture of creativity, encourage new ideas, and embrace cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in software development. We constantly grow our team and train our staff to ensure they can provide tech services of any complexity.

Client-Controlled Costs

By outsourcing to Devtorium, our clients can plan expenses easily because we provide top-quality IT services at fixed rates. We will negotiate a development strategy to fit the client’s individual budget. Our professionals remain flexible to ensure that every client with unique needs gets the best value for their money.

Short Time-to-Market

Time is money, and we focus on saving as much of it as possible. Outsourcing enables you to get a development team with the required tech expertise and start working right away. You can focus on your core business and avoid extra expenses on hiring new staff. Devtorium will do the hard work without additional burden on the client’s business.

Risk Reduction

Our main goal is to reduce risks for our clients. By outsourcing software development to Devtorium, we will help you alleviate risks associated with industry uncertainties and IT market volatility. Our team of experienced analysts, data scientists, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified specialists will plan all processes to protect your interests. Therefore, as a client, you always get top-quality services on time.


Tom Bradham

Chief Executive Officer

Abhishek Jain

Chief Innovation Officer

Hennadii Liutvort

General Manager

Nataliia Kashuba

Deputy GM/Chief Security Officer

Nataliia Shapran

Head of Business Operations

Oleksii Makarov

CTO/Head of the R&D Department

Heads of Departments

Alina Kliuka

Head of Design Department

Andrii Bohatyr

Head of Development Department

Anton Mikushyn

Head of QA Department

Kyrylo Khrystosenko

Head of BA Department

Olha Liubchyk

Head of HR and Recruiting Department

Olena Medvedieva

Head of Data Science Department

Viktor Kalinichenko

Pre-Sales Lead

Yuliia Lytvyn

Head of Front-End Department

Regional Directors

Bohdan Hubanov

Regional Manager

Yuliia Kretova

Regional Manager

Olena Liutvort

Regional Manager

Certifications and Recognitions

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