Information Security Services

The survival of your business today depends on how well-protected your data is. Devtorium can help you with these protections by providing top-notch cyber security audit services. We will assist you in designing an information security system that’s safe from any threat and compliant with international security standards.

How Information Security Services Boost Business Resilience


Analyze your current security system and its compliance with international standards


Create a plan of action or build a security system that meets your needs


Advise how to minimize risks of external and internal attacks on the system


Monitor the system to ensure consistent compliance in the future


Identify security loopholes and recommend how to fix each weakness

Comprehensive Information Security Audit

Information Security Assessment

The first step is a detailed audit of your information security system. We will evaluate its resilience against various internal and external threats and identify vulnerabilities. In addition, we will perform a risk assessment to determine the primary targets for possible attacks.

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Security Recommendations Plan

We can provide a detailed list of recommendations on how best to protect your business from a wide range of threats. Our experts will analyze your requirements and compile a list of actions and technologies that will enable you to build a highly secure system.

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Compliance Audit & Standards

We can perform a targeted audit to identify whether your IT infrastructure complies with the standards set by specific regulatory bodies. If necessary, we will develop a system of information security standards to meet your organization’s needs. Moreover, we can prepare tech documentation to prove your compliance with international security standards

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Risks & Vulnerabilities Detection

Our team of penetration testers will go all out on your system to discover any potential entry points for attackers. We will then complete a detailed risk assessment to ensure you realize the level of vulnerability. You can use this data to make informed decisions regarding your cybersecurity overall.

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Our penetration testing includes

Full-Range Penetration Testing

Devtorium cybersecurity teams can perform a wide range of penetration tests to discover weaknesses in your defenses. Penetration testing is an essential part of developing an effective information security strategy. It enables us to maximize your systems’ survival rate under any attack.

Black Box Testing

Gray Box Testing

White Box Testing

Investing in Information Security

Higher revenues

You increase customer trust and loyalty, as well as conversions, by guaranteeing data security and proving it with certificates

Lower risks

Your company is always protected from threats so you can focus on development without the risk of heavy security-related losses

Better growth

Your business can grow as you are confident in your defenses, which also evolve and grow in tune with the company’s increasing demands

New opportunities

Compliance with international security standards will open many doors for your company and facilitate going global

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS Certificate

We are an ISO-certified cyber security services company. Therefore, we can legally assess and ensure our client’s compliance with ISO security standards. Morebis Inc. ( as a part of the Devtorium Group of Companies, holds the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certificate. Moreover, our leading security experts hold various individual certifications that enable them to work as recognized international information security auditors.

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