AI Software Development Services

AI software development services can take your business to new heights opening access to opportunities you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Today AI solutions have become a necessity for any company that wants to thrive. Devtorium solution engineers will give you access to the immense power of AI through custom-tailored software.

AI Software Development Technologies We Work With

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning

Generative Networks

AI Software Development Services: Real-Life Uses

Computer vision

This technology processes visual data that AI interprets and ‘understands’. It’s used in auto-pilot solutions for vehicles, security systems (FaceID, building security footage analysis, etc.), AR applications, scanning and transcribing text via a photo, and advanced search through images, videos, and large documents.

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Large Language Models

LLM technology deals with text generation, search, analytics, and summarizing. ChatGPT is an excellent example of an LLM in real life. You can use LLM to analyze data in text format or, for example, create descriptions of images or summaries of videos and large texts.

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Big Data

This area of AI software development services implementation is part of every AI-powered software because Big Data is used for extracting relevant information from reports and databases, processing data from multiple sources, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and transforming data into various formats.

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Robotics & Automation Engineering

Devtorium engineers can create solutions to help automate your business and manufacturing. The result is automation that improves as it self-educates, and the system will continue learning and becoming a better fit for your business as it grows.

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Devtorium AI Software Development Services: Frameworks


Open-source library for Machine Learning and AI software development. TensorFlow was developed by Google Brain using Python and C++ programming languages


Machine Learning framework that’s based on the Torch library. It’s used for solutions that include computer vision and natural language processing. PyTorch was developed by Linux Foundation and Meta using Python and C++


JAX is a machine learning framework created by Google. In essence, it combines XLA by TensorFlow with autograd. It easily works with other existing AI frameworks, for example, PyTorch.

Products We Created Using AI Software Development Services

Entity Extraction Solution for a Healthcare Startup

  • AI technologies used: Computer Vision (optical character recognition, object detection, segmentation), LLM, and Big Data

  • Our team used a range of data science services to build a solution that will extract data from varied sources, including handwritten notes, medical records, dictation, doctor’s reports, clinical tests, referral documents, and treatment plans

  • Data was transformed into a unified format and processed so an AI Model could analyze it and help monitor patient treatment while providing information to healthcare professionals

  • We used Python for programming and NLTK and Gensim for Natural Language Processing

  • The system created by our data scientists was able to evaluate at precision and recall within the bounds of 85%

Marketing Content Generation Tool: Marquètte

  • AI technology used: Large Language Models currently powered by GPT-4

  • Our engineers created a fast and efficient content generation tool geared toward marketers, copywriters, and businesses that wish to forego hiring content writers

  • This AI-powered content generation platform can create common types of marketing texts using specialized templates, for example, SMM posts, advertisements, blog posts, product descriptions, and promotion emails

  • Each text is unique and can be customized to the brand with minimal editing from human professionals

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