Case Studies

NDA Project

Travel Story & Itinerary Sharing Platform

As the client is a startup, the budget of the project is limited. Therefore, our full-stack developer had to invent many creative solutions to various issues in order to ensure the highest cost-to-quality ratio while designing and upgrading the platform


About the Client

Our client is a startup that came up with an innovative way for travelers to monetize their experiences by sharing stories and itineraries. This platform is only starting its way, but it already has a dedicated following among global travelers.

  • Full-Stack



Creating a web platform with non-standard functionalities on a limited startup budget


Communicating the client’s ideas to the developer to come up with efficient and creative solutions


Upgrading the original platform, which couldn’t support added features




What we’ve created


Examined the existing system to identify and fix bugs.
Conducted complete code refactoring.
Complete redesign of the platform’s pages.
Upgraded the existing UI/UX of the platform, making multiple changes to the original layout.
Continuous implementation of various new features.
Added a booking feature to the system.

Results the Client Got


Multi-language functionality expanded the platform’s reach and allowed to add many new users

Improved features

New and improved features boosted the platform’s overall performance

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