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NDA Project

Energy Management Software

The client’s initial request was support and maintenance of their old website. However, they soon decided to rebrand and expand. The project evolved to us developing a broad scope of solutions with a CRM and multiple third-party integrations.


About the client

Our client is an energy distribution company with 75 years of combined experience of its leaders. It specializes in providing clean energy choices to make a positive impact on our world. Its projects use wind energy and natural gas, and its innovative solutions enable applying technology to ensure high efficiency and competitive pricing in deregulated energy markets.

Over 110,000 customers use this solution, and the number keeps growing. As a result, the company was named Top 2021 Energy Provider. As of 2022, it funded planting 354,768 trees, and its solutions allowed it to avoid 344,000 tons of carbon emissions.

  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • Databases



The client needed an efficient customer management system with an admin panel and My Account and enrollment functionalities


The solution needed a secure payment processing feature


The solution had to include the ability to send out individual and group emails automatically


Our team had to plan all logic and solution architecture from scratch as the client only offered their ideas on what they would like the product to do


The project needed a stylish-looking and user-friendly website to introduce prospective customers to clean energy packages and benefits



Angular JS

Angular 7









.NET Framework 4.6.1

EntityFramework 6.4.4


What we’ve created


CyberSource payment system integration with a payment automation feature to make the platform more convenient for US users.
Our team is currently working on developing a flow that will help prevent different kinds of fraud.
Back-end and front-end development to adjust the client’s platform to work efficiently with third-party solutions and remain secure.
Developed a variation of a CRM the client can offer their customers to sign up/log in via the website and manage their energy packages subscriptions using My Account functionality.
SendGrid email automation system integration to create a way for sending personalized and mass email.
Upgraded platform security to protect all sensitive personal data and payment details.

Results the Client Got

Web enhancement

An attractive and user-friendly website that helps the client boost customer satisfaction with using their services and increase conversions.


Smooth integration of gas sales to the existing electrical power sales system. This addition, as well as rebranding, helped the client triple its business size in the last five years. Today they are one of the biggest energy management businesses in the US.


Exceptionally high security enables the client to retain their customers’ confidence and trust. The solution deals with sensitive user data and payments. Therefore, we took extra measures to guarantee maximum data protection.

Seamless communication

An efficient email automation system ensures the client can communicate with users without disruptions.

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