IT Recruiting

Get high-quality IT talent for your development needs. Our experienced recruiters will source, investigate, attract, and hire any professional the project requires. You receive a specialist with the tech expertise to augment your team without spending any of your company’s recruiting resources.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Recruiting

Fill tech expertise gaps

Your project shouldn’t be put on hold while you are looking for a suitable candidate. Our experienced IT recruiters will screen candidates and conduct initial interviews to verify that the person is suitable for your open tech position.

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Low cost of hiring

Reduce the cost of adding new talent to your team with IT recruiting and outstaffing services. We cover 100% of recruiting costs and take care of all administrative expenses while augmenting your team with highly skilled professionals.

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Flexible employment terms

Our IT recruiting team will consider all your requirements and find a candidate that’s a perfect fit for your company at the moment. You decide the number of work hours, terms of employment, and other relevant details.

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Fast team growth

Devtorium IT recruiting and outstaffing work fast. We will take project deadlines into account and provide a list of candidates as soon as possible to ensure the development process stays on track.

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Big pool of candidates

Devtorium has an extensive team of development, business analytics, UI/UX designers, and data science specialists of different levels standing at the ready to join the project. Therefore, we can fill positions extremely fast.

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Scaling your business

Use IT recruiting services to scale up your business with added tech expertise. Make sure to stay competitive by enhancing your product with innovative features at minimal disruption.

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IT Recruiting Process


Requirements analysis

We study the requirements for the position to ensure we can identify the right candidate for the role. At this stage, IT recruiting staff will need to study general project information and details such as team size, workflow, etc.


Candidate sourcing

Our IT recruiting experts will actively search for people with the expertise to fill the vacancy within our internal pool of candidates and beyond. Our recruiters will perform preliminary interviews and background checks to ensure the candidate is a perfect fit.



Depending on how involved you choose to be, you can conduct tech interviews with the selected candidates after reviewing their profiles. If needed, our team of development experts can verify the candidate’s proficiency based on your project requirements.


Transition to the team

We don’t stop at IT recruiting services. The Devtorium team can assist you with onboarding and helping the candidate transition into the project smoothly.


Monitoring and support

As we are responsible for the administrative side of employment, we will monitor the candidate’s performance and provide any necessary support, up to finding a replacement for a better fit or expanding the team when your project is ready to scale up.

Grow your software development project effortlessly by outsourcing IT recruiting services

Fill tech expertise gaps fast without spending your company’s precious resources

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