eCommerce Development Services

Outsell your competition with eCommerce development services from Devtorium. Build an eCommerce platform from scratch or enhance, update, and upgrade an existing solution. Ensure a smooth customer journey right to the checkout.

Custom eCommerce Development Services We Offer

End-to-end eCommerce solution

Get all the custom eCommerce development services you need in one package designed specifically with your business needs and budget in mind. Pay only for the services you truly need to achieve the best results.

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eCommerce website development

Increase your conversions with a well-optimized eCommerce website that will attract buyers with outstanding UI/UX design. We will ensure the customer journey is fast and smooth on any platform.

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Mobile eCommerce development

In the mobile-first world, you’ll need an eCommerce app to give your retail business maximum reach. Don’t lose a single customer by ensuring they can shop from any device and get the same top-quality service.

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In-store app for retail

Don’t stop at regular digital commerce solutions. Boost your brick-and-mortar store with an in-store app that will help you optimize warehouse inventory and sales management. Make the sales process easier for your employees and shopping faster for your customers.

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B2B eCommerce development

As the need for B2B eCommerce solutions grows, you must be innovative to beat the competition. Building a scalable eCommerce app will enable you to improve relationships with partners, as merchants will benefit from increased productivity.

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eCommerce platform development

Launch a full-fledged platform to take your retail business to the next level. With eCommerce platform development services, you can create a marketplace tailored to your business plan.

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eCommerce solution integrations

Upgrade and innovate by expanding your existing eCommerce solution and adding new integrations. Enhance your platform without disrupting workflow to maximize revenue and get ahead of the competition.

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Why Choose Devtorium eCommerce Development


Holistic approach to development

Our expert Business Analysts and Data Scientists will help you every step of the way, from gathering competitor data to planning store optimization so you can succeed in your niche.


Outstanding UI/UX design

See the works of our designers in our case studies. Their talent and creativity will help your business attract customers and make them fall in love with your store.


AI-based eCommerce development

Use the power of AI to boost your business and get ahead of the competition. No-code and low-code eCommerce development services will enable you to achieve the best results at a minimum budget.


Quality Assurance testing

Devtorium QA team will ensure your solution performs equally well across all devices. Stop losing customers because of bugs with the help of experienced QA specialists.


Maintenance and optimization

Devtorium doesn’t stop at providing eCommerce development services. We are also ready to offer continuous support for your solution and make any changes necessary to ensure top-quality performance over time.


Migration and upgrade

Need to scale up your business? We’ll migrate your store to a new platform and add improvements while minimizing disruptions to your business.

Devtorium eCommerce Development Services: Examples

Superfood and Supplements Online Store

  • Data Science: constructing a unified ETL flow

  • Data Science: reports based on various data analytics techniques to provide the client with valuable insights

  • Updating the store’s design for new branding requirements

  • Adding and editing product cards

  • Managing warehouse inventory information to ensure that In/Out Of Stock status is updated in real-time

  • Adding multiple features to offer discounts, special offers, and promo codes

  • Integrating a messaging system to send out mass SMS and emails

Molecular Dietary Supplements Online Store

  • Tech Expertise: .NET, Sitefinity CMS, Ucommerce, Microsoft Azure

  • Developing a scalable eCommerce website capable of processing over 2,000 orders per day

  • Developing a connected eCommerce solution for selling educational electronic materials

  • Integrating a membership system with the ability to launch discounts, special offers, and product bundles

  • Integrating a payment gateway

  • Integrating USPS delivery calculator & shipping tracking solution

Renewable Energy Option Selection

  • Tech Expertise: PHP Laravel, Python, Angular

  • Building a quiz to help the customer select a renewable energy option

  • Developing a Quiz Creation Panel, Market Page, Dashboard, and Admin Panel

  • Developing of a mobile-friendly web app to support decision making for the customer

  • Developing an Admin Portal for quiz data management

  • Data Science: creating an NLP engine solution trained to process quiz data

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