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Employee Management ERP System

We decided to develop a solution that will boost the productivity and efficiency of the PMO, HR, and Accounting Departments. The resulting product can automate processes like tracking and managing hours for every project, generating detailed reports, and simplifying HR processes like reviews, assessments, placing and approving time-off requests, etc.


About the Client

The company required a solution to take the load off our HR, PMO, and Accounting Departments by automating and facilitating some of their routine tasks. In addition, we needed a tool that would enable the Management to track the progress of our projects and employees’ professional development more efficiently. Moreover, we wished to provide all Devtorium team members an easy way to manage their working hours and time-off requests. The result is an ERP system custom-tailored to our company’s needs and processes.

  • No-Code



Developing a complex system infrastructure by using a limited no-code platform functionality


Adding features that will automate custom-tailored workflows of Devtorium’s HR, PMO, and Accounting Departments


Operating within the no-code platform limitations to create custom functionalities


Pushing the Bubble platform’s custom design capability to its limits to develop a solution matching our brand design concept


Low-Code / No-Code



Company-wide ERP system that can be accessed by every Devtorium employee from every device.
Efficient way for all employees to log in, track, and manage their working hours for every project.
Easy communication between departments through comments and notifications.
A way for every team member to quickly file Day-Off, Emergency Time-Off, and Vacation requests and  get them approved.
Automated reports generation for Project Managers, Accountants, and HR Representatives.
A platform that allows quick and easy management of all employee requests.
Automation of the review and assessment processes for the HR Department.
Accessible database of all company documents, such as policies, organization structure chart, and multiple helpful guides.
A simple way for Project and Delivery Managers to manage team compositions for every project.
Making all relevant information available to all employees upon a quick request (access level determined by position).

Results the Client Got

Time savings

More efficient use of working hours by HR Representatives, PMs, and Accountants

Tasks automation

Routine processes automation that saves time and money for the company

Time-off Management

Unified platform for managing and tracking working hours and time-off requests

Review processing

Simplified process of conducting reviews and assessments within the company

No-code development

We greatly expanded our no-code development skills working on the Bubble platform

Performance stats

Employee performance statistics are easy to track for evaluation


User-friendly visualization of attendance and project engagement of all employees


Every employee can use the ERP from any device for convenience and better collaboration

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