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MVP stands for minimum viable product and means creating a product with basic usability to minimize costs. MVP development is a fantastic opportunity to test your idea, attract investors, and determine if your target audience needs the product. It’s a good choice for startups and established companies wanting to expand their business in new directions.

Benefits of MVP Development

Reduced business risks

Test out your product and business logic with minimal investments and risks. Collect data to build a strategy that will lead your company to success.

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Real-time audience feedback

Find out what users think about the product and get feedback on your innovative ideas. You can add more features during MVP development to evaluate performance in real-time.

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Flexibility in development

The MVP development process is ongoing, so you can make changes based on user reactions and feedback. You’ve got room to identify ideas that resonate with the audience.

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Maximum value for minimum budget

Get maximum value for your money and receive results fast with MVP development. Launching this version of a product will allow you to see if it has the potential for success.

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Attracting investors

MVP gives you proof of concept. Use it to make an impression on investors as they will be able to see that the product is successful and has demand in the market.

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Building up a customer base

Start building a good relationship with your customer base early. Analyze the data you collect from the first group of users to understand how to improve your product for the full-version launch.

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MVP Development Process



If you only have an abstract idea of what product you’d like to create, our business analysts and creative experts will help you brainstorm, define the target audience, and do the market research needed to establish basic MVP concepts.



With the goals set, our team will do in-depth competition and market research to outline which core features will help the product succeed and provide the highest value to your target audience.



At this stage of MVP development, we will create a prototype that can be used to test your ideas and collect some feedback from users. For example, the prototype could be a clickable demo or sketches and wireframes, depending on project requirements.


MVP development

The first working MVP of your product will be ready to launch. It will have just enough features to show early users how the product can solve their problem. The first MVP is simple and easy to use but has all crucial functionality to show off your idea.



Early adopters can test your MVP and provide feedback on usability and the product’s actual value. Gather this data to make further improvements before making proposals for investors.



With all the gathered feedback, we will make improvements and expand the MVP functionality so it’s ready for the next round of testing. This time, a fuller version could be released to a broader audience.



Once your idea has been validated, MVP development transitions to the next level. Scaling up, adding more features, and building a fully-functional product that will appeal to a wider audience.

Startup MVP Development & Additional Services

If you are building a lean startup, MVP development services are exactly what you need. This type of development will ensure you pay only for what you need to grow your business.

Why choose MVP development for startups?

Get value for your money

Avoid unnecessary expenses and paying for developing ideas that won’t pay off.

Validate your ideas

Get immediate reactions from users on which of your ideas are worth investing in.

Attract investments

A successful MVP is solid proof that your business can succeed in the market.

Find more opportunities

Iterations and improvements based on feedback might take your product in new directions.

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