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Mobile apps make one of the most lucrative markets today, generating over $475 billion in annual revenue. The industry is constantly growing, so grab your chance to get a share by investing in mobile app development services.

Devtorium Mobile App Development Services: Benefits

Wider customer reach

Become closer to your customers, ensuring they have instant access to new information from your brand.

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Better communication

Use mobile app development services to create a way to communicate with your customers quickly and effectively.

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Enterprise management

Devtorium also offers enterprise mobile application development services to create apps that help optimize and speed up business processes.

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Increased engagement

Engage customers in real-time interactions through push-notifications and highly personalized content.

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Customer loyalty boost

Constant communication and personalization will help you ensure customers stay loyal to your brand, thus increasing your revenue.

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Customer understanding

Use custom mobile application development to create an app that collects various data that will enable you to understand customer behavior.

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Custom Mobile App Development Services: Process



Our expert BAs will research, analyze and validate your idea. We will study the market and ensure that there is a demand for an app like this within your target audience pool.



After analyzing all collected data and discussions with developers, our team will offer a strategy for developing your app cost-efficiently and create a project roadmap.



We will create wireframes, designs, and clickable prototypes, bringing your idea to life. Use this type of mobile app development services to attract investors and get initial feedback.



A team of expert Devtorium developers and solution engineers will create an app that meets your requirements to the letter. Our priorities are quality of service and timely delivery.



Devtorium QA Department specialists will test the app under various conditions to ensure it runs smoothly on all platforms. Make the most of your release by launching a bug-free application.



We don’t stop at the solution release. Devtorium mobile app development services include maintenance and support. We can also continue adding improvements and upgrades in the future.

Devtorium Mobile App Development in Action

  • On request of the client whose services are used by NIKE, Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, NY Knicks, and other world-famous sports brands, we developed a health and training tracking app for athletes.

  • The main challenge was collecting data from various sources, from surveys and medical prescriptions to body-sensors and sports equipment.

  • We created a flexible solution that sports teams and personal trainers could use equally efficiently.

  • The solution relied on data analytics to provide teams and individual athletes with personalized outcomes.

  • In this case, our mobile app development services also included adding a way for trainers and athletes to communicate and share video lessons used for practice.

  • We added a feature that enabled coaches to monitor and track their athletes’ performance and growth.

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