Devtorium to Take the Next Step in AI-Based Software Development by Merging with Morebis

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AI-based software development company Morebis is merging with Devtorium to form a unique product development company.

Devtorium is aiming to take the world of AI-based software development by storm. To that end, the company is merging with Morebis, one of the leading developers of New York. United under the brand Devtorium, these exceptional companies will create something truly unique.


AI-driven software development is a field that requires talent, creativity, and dedication to succeed. Both Devtorium and Morebis teams have those qualities in abundance. Moreover, together they have already created a revolutionary AI SaaS platform.


A Glimpse into the Future AI-Based Software Development by Devtorium and Morebis

The new Devtorium is a company that combines the power of an innovative startup and an experienced and dedicated software developer. Initially, Devtorium was an ambitious project that offered businesses full-spectrum digital marketing services.


However, in their methodology of delivering these services, the Devtorium team used not only traditional digital marketing approaches. They also collaborated with artificial intelligence software development experts to create an AI-powered SaaS platform Marquètte. This solution is capable of conducting market research and performing effective SWOT and PESTEL analysis.


Marquètte is a product that can be used for a variety of purposes. In essence, it acts as your business’ intelligent assistant. It can answer any specific questions you have about planning your company’s development. As such, it can perform basic predictive analysis. It can be a massive help for SMEs that can’t afford to hire a team of expert data analysts.


Moreover, this example of AI-driven software development can also help you decide simple but hugely important things, like website design. It will provide you with data on the current industry trends and how to use them best.


Finally, Marquètte’s ability to research can be used as a content generation tool. It will do the work of identifying trending content topics and collecting research materials for copywriters.


The Devtorium team then takes the power of insights provided by Marquètte to a new level by offering services that enable clients to put those insights into action.


The merger with Morebis opens many new opportunities for both current and future Devtorium clients. As of now, everyone looking for ways to grow their business will be able to get insights from Marquètte. And then, you can use the full-cycle marketing and development services to make quality changes to your company.


Morebis wins Clutch Award as one of the top AI-based software development companies in New York 2021

Morebis: Expertise in Artificial Intelligence & Software Development

Devtorium might be an innovative startup, but Morebis has been around for a while. Moreover, the team of front and back-end developers that make up this company have decades of combined experience in various fields. At the moment, Morebis has five offices in the US and Europe.


It’s a team of over 200 professionals who have developed projects across a variety of industries. Their accomplishments include but aren’t limited to creating an app for a beauty business that helped reduce the appointment drop rate by over 90%. Another of their projects is an insurance company product that cut the policy purchase time by half.


In addition, the Morebis team took part in AI-based software development of SaaS platforms, including Marquètte.


Morebis prides itself on the fact that not a single client has ever left the company. “People trust us, and we always do our best and then more to make sure we live up to that trust and help our customers succeed. Their growth is our growth, and we are happy to see how every project goes to exceed expectations,” says the CEO of Morebis.


The work of Morebis developers is recognized not only by their happy clients but also by the larger professional community. For example, right before the announcement of the merger with Devtorium, the company was named one of the top New York developers by Clutch.


The team had this to say:


Clutch Names Morebis as one of the Best Development Companies in New York

Technology has played a significant role in our daily lives. From websites, applications, and software, these new technologies have helped shape how businesses and companies operate both offline and online. At Morebis, we help our clients develop their ideas into working solutions that can help in achieving their goals.


Our team’s dedication and hard work were able to blossom into an amazing achievement in the form of an award. We are very proud to be named as one of Clutch’s best development companies in New York.


Morebis is thankful for Clutch and their team for bestowing us this outstanding award. It is an understatement to say that we are proud and grateful for this fantastic accolade. This award truly helps our company in cementing our legacy as one the best in the industry and in our state.


Of course, we would also like to extend our gratitude to our clients who have supported us since day one. It may sound cliche, but we couldn’t have done it without you. It is true! You’ve been vital to our success, and we couldn’t have asked for better clients.


On the other hand, this may be the first time you hear about Clutch, well they are an awesome company from Washington DC. Their site is a ratings and reviews platform that helps vendors like us connect to different clients worldwide. In addition, they provide a guide to B2B services and various articles to help you decide on your next partner.


Now that we are joining our forces with Devtorium, we strive to offer our clients a broader range of services to help them grow in new profitable ways.


Can We Expect More Creative AI-Based Software Development from the New Devtorium?


Absolutely! Experts from both companies recognize the fact that artificial intelligence software development is the future of IT and business. So, we can expect to see some fantastic projects come out of this merger.


However, as the new Devtorium is focused on delivering top results to every client, the company will keep offering a wide and diverse range of services


The merger will be officially completed in October 2021. But any interested client can contact the company already and get assistance with any matters of software development, digital marketing, or business consulting.

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