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Do you think that AI mobile app development is a thing of the future? Well, you are wrong because this ‘future’ has been around for a while. In fact, those who strive to get ahead of the curve have launched dozens of AI-powered mobile apps already.

Admittedly, some of those are pretty bad, and most of them have extremely limited functionality. But they are raking up hefty sums for their owners regardless of any shortcomings. And the niche is filling up with more competition every day.

So, what does it mean for you?

It means that if you want to make it in the custom mobile app development industry, you must get into the game fast. And a stellar application idea is key to your success.

Check out a list of the hottest ideas based on our AI-powered market research.

AI Mobile App Development & Other Great App Ideas for You

Mobile application development solutions available today allow one to create some truly incredible things. However, if you want to start a successful business with your app, you need to consider many things.

The mobile app development industry is highly lucrative, in general. And it’s growing even more so as the level of smartphone penetration increases. Already, nearly 6.4 billion people on the planet have smartphones. Within the next few years it’s expected that everyone will have one. In addition, AI mobile app development is developing rapidly, increasing the number of apps that can fulfill a wide range of needs. But this niche is still nascent, which means you can achieve great results if you launch a fantastic unique solution.

But before you can actually dive into end-to-end application development, you need to come up with a great app idea.

And to do that, you’ll need to research the market to see what’s already there. If your idea is entirely unique, your next step is to understand your target audience. Look to answer the question of whether people actually need the thing you want to offer?

In case there are apps similar to your idea available already, do not despair! You can still rock in this particular niche. All you have to do is to study those solutions closely. First, focus on customer reviews and see what users complain about. Then, make a list of pros and cons for each of your potential competitors’ products. Finally, expand your idea to create a blueprint of an app that will stand out and have none of the issues others have.

But if you are struggling to come up with original ideas, look below. We’ve prepared a list of apps that are sure to be in high demand.

AI mobile app development idea face animation apps

1. AI face animator apps

Face animator apps can be a source of endless fun. These solutions enable users to avatarify any image. And when combined with a good AI mobile app development solution, such a product can be very entertaining. You can help people animate pictures of their friends or celebrities and create unique memes, clips, etc. But be sure to consult a top-notch legal expert to protect you from any issues and lawsuits.

2. AR games

If your main goal for dabbling into custom mobile app development services is to get some profit fast, AR games might be the best choice. This niche really shot out with the launch of Pokemon Go, which became a sensation overnight. Five years down the road, and this game is still extremely popular and growing. It inspired dozens of similar products, but none have managed to topple the Pokemon champion. Now might be your chance!

3. 3D avatars for social apps

Speaking of animated avatars, if making AI-driven moving pictures of real people isn’t your thing, consider applying this idea to 3D models. Making 3D animated avatars for social media and messaging apps is sure to be a great choice. It’s also an excellent opportunity for AI mobile app development. You can make these avatars to really show emotion, which is a fantastic feature for messaging. In addition, consider creating your own messaging app with this type of avatars embedded by default. But be sure to make them customizable to some extent to make it more fun for users. Personalization rules the day now!

4. Live video streaming apps

Live streaming video is more popular than ever. But live-streaming platforms, even the giant Twitch, are having problems with both streamers and audiences. Therefore, despite the fact that there are dozens of video streaming solutions available, this niche is hot. So, combining your creativity and advanced mobile app development solutions might help you create the next big hit. However, you’ll need to do thorough market research first. This way, you can identify weaknesses in the existing solutions. Only then you’ll be able to create an app with the potential to become a huge success.

AI mobile app development AR healthcare apps, vet help apps, live commerce

5. AR and VR-powered healthcare apps

AR and VR tech can be used not only for entertainment purposes. The capabilities of this technology are immense, especially when combined with AI and leading medical experts. Already there are VR solutions that help people suffering from severe PTSD and other mental health issues. AR technology also can be used for mental treatments and overall health monitoring. All in all, if you want your app to truly make the world a better place, combine your efforts with medical researchers. You might create a product that will literally save lives.

6. Telemedicine apps for vets

Speaking of life-saving apps, telemedicine is hardly new. There are multiple solutions of this type already making healthcare services more accessible in many countries. However, veterinary medicine is lagging behind. And you might be the one to change that. Think about how you can use AI mobile app development services to help vets reach patients in remote rural areas. Even launching a chatbot that offers basic veterinary advice can make a massive difference for people and animals.

7. Live commerce apps

One of the more profitable ways to use mobile application development solutions is to get on with the live commerce trend. It’s currently on the rise, riding the coattails of the great eCommerce boom brought by the pandemic. The idea of live commerce is to make the online shopping experience as ‘live’ as possible. You can play around with this idea when working on end-to-end application development. For example, you can create an app that will work from the seller’s side. Basically, it will add a feature to interact with the sales assistant in a brick-a-mortar store through a video chat of some kind. But you can also start working from the buyer’s angle. Try to create a solution that will allow people to explore the stores in real-time while sitting comfortably at home. The potential in this niche is vast, so be creative!

voice-only chat app, fitness apps, eLearning, AI mobile app development for online learning

8. Voice-only messenger apps

People often choose to use voice-operated devices, whether it’s out of a desire for convenience or disability. Now, imagine what a hit a 100% voice-based messenger app could be? Of course, you’ll need the assistance of an excellent AI mobile app development company to make this idea a reality. However, if you manage to create a truly efficient and bug-free solution, you might become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

9. Warranty organizer/management apps

There are about 10 electronic devices in an average household today. This number is constantly growing as tech becomes more affordable. And each of these devices, as well as any gadgets people are also using, has a warranty. Keeping track of all the warranties one has can be pretty tricky. But it’s necessary as using this service can save people hundreds of dollars. Therefore, using mobile app development solutions to create an efficient warranty management app can turn into a highly profitable idea. Consider partnering with companies that offer extended warranty services. You might develop some great offers together and become a sensation in this niche. In fact, it might be possible to make this business a global success.

10. Carpool apps

The success of Uber might be impossible to beat. And there are plenty of other businesses using a similar model now. However, carpooling is not yet well-developed as an organized business. So, this is your chance. AI mobile app development will be most helpful here. You can implement the power of AI to find the best matches and manage large volumes of requests. All in all, the success of this business will depend on the quality of software your enterprise mobile app development company can deliver. Be sure to consult some logistics experts about developing a plan for this kind of app. You will also need to consider the demand for carpools. In fact, think about starting small and developing an app for your local community/school/college/etc.

11. eLearning apps

The eLearning industry has been growing fast even before the pandemic. However, the lockdown period propelled it further. As of now, the US eLearning sector is predicted to grow by nearly $13 billion by 2024. Learning from home also remains a significant concern as there is a risk of more lockdowns in the future. All in all now is the time to start developing various eLearning solutions. Using AI mobile app development will be an excellent idea for versatile educational apps as AI can help reduce the workload of teachers.

Another idea to explore is creating a virtual classroom app. In this case, your main goal will be to make sure that online interactions of the class are as efficient as they could be offline. However, if you think about it, you can see how sharing a virtual classroom can be even more convenient. In particular, think of all the opportunities for media sharing and use that the Internet offers. A clever application of this kind might help schools that don’t have the budget for advanced gadgets in physical classrooms.

12. Virtual assistant apps

The true potential of AI mobile app development can be realized through the creation of virtual assistant apps. You have plenty of routes to explore in this niche. You can stick with simple everyday tasks and develop a solution that will help people with them. For example, a basic technology guide for those who aren’t tech-savvy. But already there are far more complex products that genuinely push the current capabilities of AI tech to the fullest. One such example is Marquètte. It’s a virtual assistant solution for businesses that can perform detailed SWOT and PESTELC analysis. The solution analyzes the data and provides users with actionable insights based on this information. It also keeps them updated on any changes in the industry.

fitness apps work-from-home, carpool, using AI mobile app development for mental health treatment

13. Fitness apps for WFH

One year of major lockdowns was enough for about 97% of workers to state that they don’t want to return to the office full-time. So, WFH (work from home) is becoming the norm in our world. However, there are quite a few issues associated with it. One of those is that people might not get enough exercise. Helping them remain healthy while working from home is a fantastic way to apply mobile app development solutions. You really have a lot of room for creativity here. For example, you can combine a calorie calculator with a fitness app that offers workout guidelines and has a built-in personal assistant that will provide healthy lifestyle tips. Another idea is to make an advanced AI-based app that will act as a personal trainer. It will have to develop workouts based on the user’s constitution, lifestyle, etc.

14. AI-based emotion tracking apps

If you are interested in creating something that will help people, consider using AI mobile app development services to make an emotion tracking solution. You can use current fitness trackers as a base for your product. But think about how you can use AI tech and, quite possibly, create more advanced sensors, to track emotions. This kind of solution can be invaluable for mental health monitoring and therapy apps. It can also be a great help to people who struggle with a variety of mental and physical disorders. Study research and current technology in the healthcare industry and talk to doctors and scientists who work with tech innovations. You might be able to create incredible things together. Most importantly, these apps have the potential to save lives and improve the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses.

Another way to use an emotion tracking app is to develop a solution that will “translate” another person’s emotions to you through video analysis. This can help one act better in social situations and interpret non-verbal cues. But to make such a product, you’ll need the assistance of a very experienced and talented AI software development team.

15. AI-powered data extraction apps

One more way to use AI mobile app development is to create a solution that will extract data from various sources. Then, the AI will process this data to offer actionable insights to the user. The complexity of the tasks can vary from answering basic questions about fashion to building business growth strategies. But bear in mind that this product won’t be easy to make. Machine learning takes time and resources to actually learn to the point where an AI works flawlessly. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot of resources. Therefore, be prepared that this is going to be a massive project that requires investors.

AI Mobile App Development Challenges & How to Overcome Them

End-to-end application development is no easy task and coming up with an awesome idea is just the first step. The success of the following steps will depend on your collaboration with the enterprise mobile app development company. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a dev team that will be able to understand your vision and work in tune with you.

The main challenges of AI mobile app development are the lack of funds and technical limitations. Therefore, your priority is to find a team with the technical expertise to create the exact thing you need. That’s why it’s essential to always look for people with years of experience and skills gained from working on diverse projects. This kind of people will be able to offer insights on how your idea can be improved and expanded to create an even greater product.

In regards to the budget, it’s important to understand your own limitations. But you also need to look for financing opportunities. For example, start with creating a limited version of your ideal app. Then, take it to investors with a proposal.

Note that you can launch it as a free version and it will still work for you. This way, your app will generate awareness, and you can start working on digital marketing and optimizing your app.

Meanwhile, your development team should also be able to help. At Devtorium, we always offer our clients several plans on maximizing the cost-efficiency of their mobile application development solutions. The trick here is to be willing to put in the work needed to create maximum value for every dollar. If you are interested to learn more, contact us anytime!