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So, you have a fantastic idea for an app and want to make it a reality, right? So, naturally, you want to find out how much custom mobile app development services cost.

However, the answer to that question won’t be simple. It’s because the cost of end-to-end web application development is affected by many factors. Read on to learn what they are. And most importantly, find out how to manage them to get maximum value for your money.

What Custom Mobile App Development Services Are Included in the Cost?

The first thing you need to understand is that the cost of end-to-end web application development can vary quite a bit. That’s because many factors affect this number. The foremost among them is the list of custom mobile app development services included in the solution development.

In the majority of cases, custom mobile app development services include:

  • UI/UX design.
    Designers are responsible for how the app will look like starting from layout to the final design.
  • Software engineering.
    The engineering stage is when the app’s code is designed. Also, it’s an ongoing process that manages application development and future improvements.
  • Back and front-end development.
    The stage when your app is actually created using the design to develop the expected functionality.
  • QA testing.
    QA testing is an essential part of mobile application development because it ensures the app’s smooth performance.
  • PM services.
    All the stages of the app development process must be managed efficiently. Therefore, you can’t do without a Project Manager who will keep it all running smoothly.

In essence, the list of services that go into the custom software product development mostly remains the same. However, it’s the scale and complexity of the app that dictate how much it’s going to cost. It’s because these are the main factors that determine what kind of team you need to hire.

Factors that affect custom mobile app development services costs.

Additional Considerations That Affect the Cost of End-toEnd Web Application Development

The main factors that influence the cost of custom mobile app development services include:

Platform the app will run on

Web and mobile apps are incredibly versatile. Therefore, they can be built using a wide range of platforms and operating systems. For example, there are well over ten great eCommerce platforms you can use to develop an online store. Each will have some advantages as well as disadvantages. So, it’s usually impossible to say that a single option is “the best” for some specific kind of development.

Also, you will need to choose whether to create a native or cross-platform app. Native apps will ensure seamless integration with your chosen system. However, if you want the app to run on multiple devices, you’ll need to develop several native solutions or a cross-platform one. It’ll often be a compromise between cost efficiency and stability of the application.

Functionality of the app

Functionality is one of the most critical factors that determine the price of end-to-end web application development. It’s because the more features you want to add, the more complex the app becomes. The more complex the development process – the more expensive it is.

It really is that simple.

Also, you’ve got to remember that cross-platform applications with comprehensive functionality can be quite tricky. The risk of bugs and crashes increases with every added feature. Therefore, you should develop a balanced app that can perform a few core functions equally well on all devices. If your mobile app idea is very ambitious, consider creating several connected apps. For example, this will be the best approach to launch some healthcare management apps that are in demand now.

Do not forget that some apps are more complex by default. For instance, mobile games are the most difficult, meaning the most expensive type of applications to develop. However, they can also bring the highest revenue. Already, the mobile gaming industry is generating over $90 billion in revenue, and this number is growing fast. So, if you want to launch an app that will bring you money, investing in game development is worth it.

Location of the custom mobile app development services provider

Location is an essential factor for end-to-end web application development. In fact, it matters on several levels. The most important is the location of your development team. In the majority of cases, they charge an hourly rate for the experts’ work. And this rate will vary greatly depending on the cost of living in the country.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that development is the most expensive in North America (up to $250 per hour), the UK (up to $175), and Australia (up to $150). But those are also the places where the market for mobile apps is highly lucrative.

Considering this, the most cost-efficient solution is to outsource your custom mobile app development services. The best locations for this today are Ukraine ($34-64), Poland ($40-77), and India ($10-75). It’s because development companies in these countries offer the highest value for money.

Another important factor that has to do with location is the localization of your app. For example, are you only targeting one country or multiple? Do you need to create a multilingual app? If yes, will content translation suffice, or do you need to get a full-scale localization?

Bear in mind that each ‘yes’ answer to these questions will increase the application development cost. Moreover, every new language will add quite a hefty bit to it. However, you must never settle for a low-quality of localization and translation. They significantly affect the chances of your app to succeed with the target audience.

Post-Launch Support for End-to-End Web Application Development

Another crucial thing to understand is that custom mobile app development services aren’t limited to development only. Post-launch support and updates are just as important, if not more, as the development itself. It’s because your app should grow its user base and generate downloads constantly to bring revenue. Therefore, you have to make it better all the time. And it’s best to have the same team working on it.

Also, there is a cost of marketing to be considered. Your application needs promotion as well as good app store optimization so it can be noticed. Therefore, mobile app development costs are going to keep growing. The revenue it brings in must cover these continuous improvements.

In Conclusion: Should You Invest in Custom Mobile App Development Services?

According to Statista, projected revenues from mobile apps will reach $935.2 billion by 2023. Considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the development of this industry, real numbers might well exceed these forecasts. Therefore, anyone with a sense of business acumen should be looking to invest in this business.

Mobile and web apps are changing and evolving fast. They are also taking over regular downloadable software.

All things considered, if you have an idea for an app, you should go for it! Contact us if you are looking for cost-efficient custom mobile app development services, and we’ll find a way to turn your idea into a profitable business.