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When will using an AI-powered platform make digital marketers obsolete?

Right now, available AI-based solutions might not be quite at that level yet. However, given a few years of continued crazy growth of the artificial intelligence sector, the answer might be different. Today we can see how AI-based technologies are changing the entire world, like computer vision for self-driving cars. And the combined power of AI and big data analytics has enormous marketing potential. So, it’s not a stretch to say that artificial intelligence tools used for this purpose will keep evolving fast. Eventually, they will take over all of the basic marketing tasks.

Therefore, marketers need to understand AI and use its powers to augment their skill to avoid becoming obsolete. Keep reading so you know how to start doing this right away.

What an AI-Powered Platform Can Do for Marketing

AI can bring tremendous value in marketing due to its ability to automate and draw insights from data. Right now, personalization is the number one requirement in marketing. So, you must process a lot of data about your target audience. Using AI and big data analytics will allow you to do that fast.

Artificial intelligence can find correlations and trends from a vast amount of information. Moreover, AI-driven tools do this at a speed that humans can’t hope to match.

To get the most value out of an AI-powered platform, you need a framework enabling you to use all its marketing capabilities:

  • Digital ad placement.
    AI can easily choose the best spots for your digital ads and automate the entire placement process.
  • Predictions.
    Using an AI-powered platform for predictive data analytics enables you to make reasonably accurate sales and traffic forecasts.
  • Customer service tasks automation.
    Using AI-based chatbots allows you to enhance customer service.
  • Sales boost.
    Moreover, you can use chatbots at various funnel stages for upselling, cross-selling, and lead development.
  • Customer comment analysis and classification.
    Use AI big data analytics to make detailed buyer personas and manage customer feedback to derive maximum value.
  • Marketing campaign automation.
    One of the greatest benefits of using an AI-powered platform for marketing is your ability to automate multiple tasks. As a result, it enables you to save both time and money. Nowadays, AI can automate email and SMM campaigns, generate landing pages, and handle customer segmentation to enhance campaign personalization.
  • Marketing analysis.
    Use AI and big data to perform a detailed marketing analysis of any niche.
  • Pricing.
    You can also use AI-driven insights to establish pricing.

How to use an AI-powered platform for targeted ads.

How AI and Big Data Are Transforming Targeted Ads in 2022

No marketer can deny the efficiency of targeted ads. However, marketers also know how much of a challenge targeting can be. You must be a real sharpshooter to get the highest value from these ads.

Any marketer that uses a specialized AI-powered platform today can get a considerable advantage in targeting. That’s because you can use AI for:

  • Product recommendations personalization.
    AI and big data allow you to learn plenty of details about your customers and target audience. Therefore, you can create highly personalized offers with a much better conversion rate. Remember that 74% of consumers will feel frustrated if your content isn’t personalized. Therefore, personalization is the single most important requirement for modern marketing. So, using AI that gives you a chance to achieve the highest personalization level is a must.
  • Social media sentiment analysis.
    An AI-powered platform can also surf through terabytes of social media content and analyze user sentiment. These reports will give you invaluable insight into your target audience. You can use the data not only for personalization but also to adjust and even build a new marketing strategy from scratch. Most importantly, use this capability to understand how your marketing efforts perform in real-time.
  • Web analytics narrative generation.
    Get more from your web analytics using an AI-powered platform to generate in-depth traffic analysis. This way, you can learn how many people visit your website and when. In addition, you’ll know what they are most interested in. See how they react to different types of content and learn how to attract visitors to the most relevant pages.

Remember that this information can help you further improve digital ad targeting. AI-powered market research makes a huge difference for any business today.

The Power of AI Copywriting

AI big data analytics brings colossal value to marketing. However, you can’t forget about other types of AI. The foremost of them are AI-based content generation tools.

Know that an average person consumes digital content for up to 7 hours daily. Therefore, the amount of content already available online is enormous. However, we need even more of it. Marketers understand how hard it is to generate fresh content constantly. So, the ability of AI to basically do it for you makes this technology priceless.

AI copywriting, in particular, is a service that can become a game-changer for marketers. It’s because AI services are much more affordable than hiring a copywriter. Also, AI can identify and use the most efficient formulas for writing a copy that delivers results.

An AI-powered platform for content generation can be used to produce:

  • Blog articles
  • Guest posts
  • Social media posts
  • Emails

Then, you can use a different types of AI-based solutions to post this content and monitor its performance automatically.

To sum it up, you can automate the flow of your content marketing to a great extent. Thus, you’ll be able to get maximum value from this efficient area of digital marketing with a reasonably small investment.

Most importantly, you can be sure that the content will keep coming. And AI-powered market research will keep you apprised of all the trending topics. So, you can ensure your content stays relevant.

Considering this potential, it’s obvious why AI-powered marketing platforms are one of the main directions for AI development in 2022.

Bottom Line: Start a Marketing Revolution Through an AI-Powered Platform

An AI-powered platform can indeed make a difference in many areas of technology and business. However, taking into account all it can do for marketing, it’s easy to see that AI can revolutionize this sector.

AI-based solutions can generate, post, process, analyze, and monitor all your marketing campaigns in real-time. Moreover, using AI big data analytics allows you to learn as much as possible about your target audience. So, your business will be able to deliver the best results. And it’s not even mentioning all the other creative ways you can use AI, like chatbots.

Do you need to learn more about using AI to boost your marketing business? Or, perhaps, you even have a plan for an AI-powered platform of your own?

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