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Today we are celebrating Devtorium 5th anniversary. Congratulations to all of our fantastic team members! You are the ones who make our company a success!

Our team has grown over the last year. We started working on new projects. Each of us achieved new heights in our profession. Even now, during this difficult time for Ukraine, we keep getting better.

We are proud to work with such incredible people! We promise that the company will continue to do everything possible to help us all grow and develop.

Together we shall win!

Devtorium Achievements Over the Last Year

Our company has come a long way over the last year. First of all, we completed a merger with Morebis and became one unified Devtorium Group of companies. It was an important step for our growth that united maty top-grade software engineers, project managers, business analysts, marketers, and UI/UX designers under one brand, Devtorium.

Another outstanding achievement came from our Information Security Department. Morebis Inc. (, part of the Devtorium Group of companies, received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate. This certification opens multiple opportunities for our business and can help the company progress to a new level. Most importantly, we are now able to offer a broader scope of security services to our customers. In addition, this opened the doors for us to take on more security-related projects.

However, the most significant achievement of all is, of course, the growth of our team. We welcomed over a dozen new members over the last year, and we keep hiring! We are happy to see how people who join Devtorium become a part of our family.

Our focus is always on the people! That’s our motto. The main goal of Devtorium is to consistently deliver the best service to our customers and the best support to our teams.

Happy to celebrate together with you all today!

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