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$5.4 trillion by 2026, that’s what the size of the eCommerce market will reach, according to predictions from Morgan Stanley. That number proves that you are clearly missing out if you aren’t looking for an end-to-end eCommerce solution development already. In fact, experts from the World Economic Forum state that the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the global switch to eCommerce by five years. So, if you want to have a whisper of a chance in sales, you must launch an online store of some kind today.

The good news is that eCommerce platforms are also evolving fast to meet the growing demand. But because of this, there are so many of them that it’s hard to choose which is best.

Fear not, as we are here to help you with a detailed guide listing the pros and cons of every top platform in the industry.

Top 17 Platforms for End-to-End eCommerce Solution Development

What is the best platform for end-to-end eCommerce solution development?

Adobe Commerce (used to be Magento)

If you are looking to create an end-to-end eCommerce solution for a large enterprise, there is no better option than Adobe Commerce. Most people will know it better by its previous name, Magento Commerce. The main benefit of this platform is that it offers you complete control of your website. It means that your eCommerce web application development company has total freedom to create a 100% unique product. You’ll get to distinguish your web presence but keep full server autonomy.

However, it’s worth noting that after becoming Adobe, the platform has changed its direction to focus on business customers. You’ll need to contact the platform to get a quote, and some reviews state it’s prohibitively expensive. However, no one can deny its robust sales, customer service, and analytics features.


  • Suited for high-volume eCommerce businesses
  • Intuitive design
  • Doesn’t require a developer for updates
  • Free open-source software
  • Huge SEO capabilities
  • Highest level of customization available today
  • 1,000+ extensions and themes


  • Expensive for fully-hosted websites ($1,500+)
  • Open-source software doesn’t have support

Open-source Adobe software is free, but Adobe Commerce Pro packages are not. The cost of this service package will vary depending on the Annual Gross Merchandise value. Visit the Adobe Commerce Pricing page for more information.


Shopify is a highly flexible platform that can be integrated with Oberlo. Therefore, if you want to create an end-to-end eCommerce solution for dropshipping, this would be the best option. Shopify is easy to use, especially for adding items to your shop quickly. In addition, the platform has some outstanding features, such as social media sync and Live Chat.

Shopify offers flexible payment plans for businesses of different sizes.


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • 3,200+ apps for customizing your shop
  • 100+ payment gateways support
  • Dropshipping tools integration
  • High-speed website loading


  • Foreign currencies are only accepted through third-party apps
  • Non-Shopify payments are subject to additional fees
  • The selection of free themes and extensions is limited

Shopify offers three monthly subscription plans that cost $24, $69, or $299. You can save up to 25% with annual plans. Check out the Shopify website for more details.


The main advantage of the BigCommerce platform is that it can fit both small and big businesses. In fact, this platform is an excellent choice for scalability. Your eCommerce end-to-end solution development team will appreciate this choice for its flexibility. Moreover, they will be able to make your store both functional and beautiful. Also, the pricing model is flexible and affordable overall.


  • All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and product listings
  • Allows you to add a blog
  • 65+ payment gateways
  • Accepts international payments
  • Multi-channel sales support
  • Bulk uploads of products
  • Support of multiple languages
  • Many valuable features (reviews, shipping times, etc.)


  • Takes a while to master by non-developers
  • High-volume sales can be expensive
  • A limited number of free themes

BigCommerce allows you a free trial and a flexible pricing model. You’ll need to reach out to BigCommerce for details.

Top end-to-end eCommerce solution development platforms.


WooCommerce is one of the best platforms for your end-to-end eCommerce solution development due to its flexibility. It’s effortless to use and customize for your needs. WooCommerce is based on WordPress and would be the best choice for those used to working with this platform. Also, it has excellent SEO capabilities.

WooCommerce is free. So it’s perfect for small businesses that are just starting their eCommerce journey.


  • Free platform
  • Allows high level of customization
  • Open-source software
  • Easy integration with multiple solutions


  • Not all updates synch well with WordPress
  • A challenging platform for those who don’t know WordPress
  • The platform is free but hosting, development and maintenance costs add up

WooCommerce is free. But you can get extensions that offer proper functionality in bundles or separately. See the best offers on the WooCommerce website.


Squarespace is a super-scalable platform. It’s one of the best choices for a startup’s end-to-end eCommerce solution because of its capacity for customization and growth. It also offers a wide range of promotional tools to make money quickly. The website design functionality is straightforward to use, and the designs are beautiful. In addition, Squarespace provides extra SEO guidance to every customer.


  • A drag-and-drop website builder that’s easy to use
  • Great selection of designs 
  • Email marketing features
  • Impressive website analytics functionality (conversion and sales tracking)


  • Not many integrations are available now
  • Extra fees for payment processing
  • No phone support available

With Squarespace, you get a free trial. Then, you can choose from four plans that cost $16, $23, $27, and $49 a month. You can cut the cost by buying an annual plan. See more at

How to choose the best end-to-end eCommerce solution development platform?


Wix is the best eCommerce platform for those who need to start selling as soon as possible. It’s very easy to use and lets you get an online shop up and running within minutes. You don’t even need to hire an end-to-end eCommerce solution developer to get started. The drag-and-drop website builder is intuitive and enables you to create some beautiful designs. Also, despite its simplicity, the Wix platform has multi-channel sales capabilities.


  • Excellent choice for small businesses that need a shop fast
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool for creating beautiful website designs
  • Multi-channel sales support
  • Integration with all major payment providers


  • Small storage for the Basic plan
  • Plans above Basic aren’t cheap
  • Limited add-ons and scalability

Wix is an affordable platform with many plans, starting at $4.5 a month. Business and eCommerce plans cost $17, $25, or $35 a month. You can learn more at the Wix website.

Shift4Shop (3dcart)

Shift4Shop is an end-to-end eCommerce solution formerly known as 3dcart. It’s a good option for those interested in a fast setup and mobile-first design. The platform also has robust SEO features, making marketing your shop easier. In addition, Shift4Shop has a straightforward interface. Therefore, it can be a good option as a small business end-to-end eCommerce solution. Also, the platform is intuitive and offers multiple features that can customize and optimize your store fast.


  • Provides real-time shipping data
  • Supports 200+ payment methods
  • Offers various SEO tools
  • Multiple reporting options are available


  • Few free themes
  • Limited customization features (compared to other top platforms)
  • No customer support by phone for some plans

Shift4Shop has a very peculiar payment model. At the moment, US customers can enjoy the platform’s services and set up a store for free as long as they use the Shift4Shop payment processing service. However, customers from other countries can sign up for plans that cost $29, $79, and $299 per month. See more details at Shift4Shop.

End-to-end eCommerce solution for small business.


If your retail business’s primary focus is your brick-and-mortar store, Weebly is your platform. The end-to-end eCommerce solution development team you hire will be able to create a fantastic website using it. But, most importantly, you can use it to add the ‘buy online’ functionality to your brick-and-mortar business fast and without spending too much money. The platform’s drag-and-drop builder is easy to use and leaves much room for creativity. Moreover, there’s a free Weebly plan for small businesses that want to get results from online sales immediately.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • A free plan is available
  • Extra-fast and easy store setup
  • Can be integrated with 300+ eCommerce apps


  • Cannot be integrated with Amazon
  • Supports only a few payment systems
  • Phone support isn’t available for some plans

Weebly has a rather nice but limited free plan. If you are looking for more storage, bandwidth, and functionality, you’ll have to pay for one of the paid plans ($5, $126, or $25 a month). You can save up by buying an annual plan. See Weebly to learn more.


Smoolis isn’t a specialized end-to-end eCommerce solution but a website builder. However, it’s rather versatile and easy to use. Also, it allows you to set up a multilingual website easily. Therefore, small businesses that want to start selling internationally can benefit from choosing this solution., Meanwhile, even though it’s not a dedicated eCommerce platform, Smoolis enables you to accept international payments.


  • Built-in currency converter
  • Can accept international payments directly
  • Supports 58 languages
  • Easy  multilingual website setup


  • A limited number of products for upload
  • A limited number of available web pages
  • Few integrations and add-ons compared to other platforms

Smoolis offers a free trial as a chance to create a free landing page. Then, you can upgrade it by paying for an eCommerce plan (6CHF per month). Note that this plan only offers 50 products, and you’ll need to pay an extra 2CHF for every other 50 products you want to add. Check out the Smoolis website to learn more.

Which end-to-end eCommerce solution development platform is best for enterprises?

Square Online

Square Online is a great platform choice for your end-to-end eCommerce solution if your budget is tight. It’s a platform that allows you to use up to 500MB of storage for free and has no limit on sales. Beyond that, you’ll have to use paid plans. But they are affordable as well. Also, the platform is intuitive and can have you launch a shop within a day. However, note that only more expensive plans support some payment methods, like PayPal.


  • A Free plan is available for budget-sensitive small businesses
  • No limit on products or monthly sales
  • Built-in multichannel selling capabilities


  • The free plan only offers limited storage
  • No international selling capabilities
  • The platform is not a good fit for scalability

Square online has a highly flexible pricing structure. So you can get a package that costs a few dollars a month or a comprehensive solution worth $60 and more. Take a look at a more detailed cost breakdown on the Square website and contact the company for a custom-tailored offer.


Ecwid is a great platform to use if you want to launch a small online shop right now. It’s a very easy-to-manage end-to-end eCommerce solution. Most importantly, you can launch a free store very fast. The Free account is with you for life. Ecwid can integrate with Amazon, social media, and websites. So you can sync your store across all platforms to grow your business in the best way. You can also use it for in-person live shops. The Free account functionality is minimal, but you can buy Venture, Business, or Unlimited packages for $14.08/29.08/82.50 a month, respectively.


  • Add a store to your website in moments
  • Easy to sync with popular online marketplaces and social networks
  • Instant shop set up is free
  • Lifetime use of the Free plan
  • Very easy to use and manage
  • Supports integration of 75+ payment gateways


  • Cheaper plans are limited
  • Limited support for Free and Venture plans (no phone)
  • Not too many integrations in the Ecwid app store

Ecwid is an eCommerce platform that makes launching a store very easy. However, if you want to set up a big professional business, you’ll need to invest in more expensive plans. In addition, if you already have a business and want to use Exwid to expand online, ensure that it supports all product integrations you need.

Top end-to-end eCommerce solution for big businesses.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Comprehensive service is the name of the game when it comes to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. There are separate platforms for B2B and B2C businesses. This is a proper end-to-end eCommerce solution that allows you to integrate all your sales channels into the cloud. Moreover, this includes your brick-and-mortar shops as well. The pricing ranges from $25 to over $1000 a month. Additionally, there are multiple subscriptions and service packages. Therefore, you should study the offer to pick what you truly need.


  • Comprehensive all-in-one support for running the shop daily
  • Flexible for businesses of different sizes
  • Can include a comprehensive customer service solution
  • Includes a wide range of tools and integrations for building a well-rounded eCommerce business


  • Not cheap, especially for larger service packages
  • Peed and quality of support leave a lot to be desired

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is definitely a business-grade adaptable solution that can help you build an excellent eCommerce shop. This is the platform you should use to enhance an existing business or to launch a big store with a suitable budget. In addition, the platform supports Stripe and popular digital wallet payments.

Oracle CX Commerce

Oracle Cloud is another comprehensive cloud-based end-to-end eCommerce solution for B2B and B2C businesses. It’s integrated with a CRM, and businesses can connect it to their financial and other operational software. The result is the creation of personalized shopping experiences and effective store management. You’ll need to get a quote and use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to build a shop on this platform.


  • Comprehensive services and integrations
  • Allows to unify all admin tools in one interface for easy management
  • Highly customizable to meet unique business needs
  • Multiple add-ons and integrations available


  • You must use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Pricing based on individual quotes

Oracle CX Commerce integrates with PayPal Express Checkout, Chase Paymentech, and CyberSource. It also features a generic payment webhook that you can use for integrating other payment cards and gift cards.

What is the best eCommerce platform?


Volusion has been around since 1999, which makes it one of the oldest eCommerce platforms. However, it’s much smaller than other ‘aged’ giants, like Shopify and BigCommerce. Its functionality is good but not as extensive. Nonetheless, it’s an all-in-one eCommerce platform development solution that can be a good choice for smaller businesses. The pricing ranges from $35 to $299 a month.


  • Good choice as an all-in-one platform for a big and mid-sized store
  • Offers many integrations and Zapier integration to extend the list


  • Much harder to use than the majority of modern eCommerce platforms
  • Not mobile-first (but has responsive templates)

Volusion is an end-to-end eCommerce solution that has been around for a while, which proves its value in itself. It may not be the biggest or easy-to-master platform. However, it offers all the features and integrations an online shop needs, including multiple payment gateway integrations.


Vendasta goes far beyond an end-to-end eCommerce solution. It’s a platform that allows you to sell, market, bill, and even fulfill orders. It’s a fantastic choice if you want to start selling digital solutions from scratch. The platform has all the products you might need, and it’s highly customizable. However, that kind of comprehensive service comes with a hefty price tag. Vendasta subscription costs $199/579/1159 a month.


  • Highly customizable for businesses of any sizes
  • All-in-one platform
  • Can improve workflow fluidity and productivity
  • Features an AI-driven marketing automation tool


  • Limited integrations
  • Designed for selling digital products

Vendasta is a platform for digital product sellers to build a successful business and grow it at a scale. It features all the necessary tools to manage the business and its growth fully. In addition, it supports multiple payment methods.

Best end-to-end eCommerce solution development platform for lifestyle and fashion brands.


Centra is an eCommerce platform created for fashion and lifestyle brands specifically. It offers no open pricing, so you’ll need to contact the platform directly to learn the costs and get a demo. The commerce platform uses a headless model, which should make it easy to manage for globally distributed businesses.


  • Has multiple features that specifically target lifestyle and fashion businesses
  • Offers scalability to such businesses


  • Limited to a specific industry
  • Has a limited number of third-party integrations

If you are running a lifestyle or fashion brand and want to use an end-to-end eCommerce solution that will meet your unique needs, Centra is for you. Otherwise, there are many other more universal and flexible platforms out there.


CommentSold is another highly specific but valuable platform for its niche. This solution is made specifically for selling through social media comments. Don’t mix that up with ‘selling comments’, which is a very bad and punishable black-hat practice! This platform allows you to sell through comments on Facebook and Instagram quickly, set up your shop fast, and even automate answering and invoicing. In essence, it’s a one-stop tool that can help automate your hustle. However, it’s not cheap. Moreover, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee and a percentage of your sales. There are three pricing plans, $49 and 5% and $149 and 3% monthly. Contact the team for pricing on the enterprise-level plan.


  • Automates selling through social media comments
  • Features automated answers
  • Offers invoicing integration


  • Expensive
  • Highly specific, for one niche use only
  • Requires paying a percentage of your sales

There is no doubt that CommentSold is extremely useful for people who want to minimize the actual labor cost of selling through social media. But you need to be prepared to pay the price for it. This might not be a sustainable platform for very small businesses and private entrepreneurs.

What to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform?

Bottom Line: What’s the Best Platform for Your End-to-End eCommerce Solution Development?

As you can see, each of the top eCommerce platforms can be a good choice, depending on your business needs. That’s why you need to consider the following things when making your decision:

  • Budget.
    Decide if you can afford to hire a developer team or if you need to start with a limited free platform. You can expand as your business grows.
  • Scalability.
    Remember that while moving a store to a different platform is possible, it can also be complicated and stressful. Therefore, it will be best to choose a scalable platform from the start.
  • Features.
    Think about your business plans and make a list of features that are most important for your store. Then, look for a platform that offers them at a reasonable cost.
  • Marketing.
    If you are launching your first online store, it’s imperative to market it actively and even aggressively. So, it will be better to choose a platform that has robust SEO and other marketing features.

Did this help to relieve some of your confusion over the matter of which eCommerce platform is the best for your business? If you have any questions or need expert help making the decision, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team of end-to-end eCommerce solution developers. We’ll gladly assist you in designing a store that’s guaranteed to succeed.