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UI/UX Design Services

UI/UX design is all about bridging the gap between creativity and functionality. It's hard to go from an idea to an MVP, arrive at your vision faster with our seasoned UI/UX designers' help. Goal-centric design is always at the forefront of what we do and is a part of our MVP development strategy. Leaning on UX workflow best practices, we prototype, measure, and evolve your product, helping you maximize the level of user acceptance.

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UI/UX Design Services

Goal-centric UI/UX design and its benefits:

73% of products fail due to lack of user acceptance. Our intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design will help you increase brand loyalty and customer acquisition.

A well-planned user journey will maximize your lead generation opportunities. Create a lasting impression on your online prospects with user-centric designs.

Gather valuable insights and data from user engagements. Learn from test environments set up for your clients, measure users' metrics, understand their behavior related to your product and evolve your product post-launch.

Our designers will create a solution that will speed up the development process by 30%. UI/UX designers working in tandem with the development team help minimize future product overhauls.

Utilizing Lean UX design loop, we help you define a hypothesis, collect data, and analyze the gathered insights. The Lean UX process aims to support your brand strategy post-launch.

Direct your resources more efficiently with our smart user-centric designs from the get-go: roadmap your development based on your final vision and avoid additional training, documentation, and extra support.

What’s in this toolkit?


Web Design

It is essential for every business owner to maintain a responsive site design that interests users and appeals to search engines. Investing in responsive website design is an excellent idea to make the right impression on users and develop confidence in your business offerings. Devtorium will help with a platform-specific web design that works properly on any device and delivers immersive user-experience.


Mobile application design

We secure app success on both design fronts - UI and UX. When users download your app, the user interface is the primary thing they notice. If there is no intuitive user experience, users will not open your app again. Our mobile app UI/UX designers will provide a native look and feel, ensuring smooth interactions, and boosting your app's efficiency.


HMI design

A well-designed human-machine interface (HMI) can considerably decrease the mental efforts needed to manage awareness of process status and make precise control decisions in time. Instead of reacting to the latest operational alarms, your employees can focus on proactive monitoring and process optimization. With user-friendly HMI design, you will boost the productivity and operational efficiency of your company.


Marketing graphic design

When it comes to creative types of graphic design services, there are lots of various mindsets and concepts. With our graphic design team by your side, you can always get customized visual design solutions that will align with your brand identity. Propel your company growth with a custom logo and brand design, email templates, banners, ads, brochures to stand out from the competitors and expand your marketing power.

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UI/UX design company with an eye for beauty

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UX/UI design services for mobile & web apps

Our talented designers will ensure that your app users get the best experience. As a UI/UX design company, we focus on creating applications that look stylish and maintain a high level of usability. We don't seek a balance between function and looks. We always know how to get the best from both worlds!

Marquettè ® - Artificial Intelligence Platform by Devtorium

Core Competences

Business Intelligence

To have the best approaches to achieve goals, our team of business analysts investigates all specifics of your idea in detail. The dedicated development team receives functional and operational requirements from the team of BAs that help implement the solution in the most agile way.

Internet Marketing

Apart from digital marketing strategy, you can take advantage of our additional marketing services ranging from affiliate marketing to media buying and other services that help drive more consistent traffic to your website.

E-commerce UX and UI design

To win users' trust, ensure comfortable user journeys, and support your brand personality, Devtorium designers use proven tools and techniques to design or redesign your ebusiness.

I have been to their offices in Ukraine and the US and met them in person. I like the company because they invest in their employees and treat them well. If you are looking to build a team, I undoubtedly recommend Devtorium.

Kal Walkden

CTO at Lextegrity

Devtorium was a great software development partner for us from day one. They helped us navigate our way through the start-up world and continuously improve our product. With all of the pitfalls and unforeseen trials you face as a start-up, it is extremely important to know that you have a reliable resource partner who will always deliver on their promises.

Maksin Khasin

Director of Product Development Intervention Insights

We are a small company that really needed some help from a professional software development company. We have attempted this approach before, only to get burned by excessive rates and inflated timelines that resulted in severe cost overruns. When we were approached by Devtorium, we were skeptical, but they took all of our doubts and tossed them out the window. They took what we asked for and did an excellent job for us. Highly recommend!

Aleksey Nugit

CEO Preferred MS Inc.

End-to-end solutions for all your business needs

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Product Development

80% of software products fail to make an impact on their target market. Our custom development expertise can arm you with data and technology innovations your product needs to succeed in any marketplace.

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Mobile App Development

52% of all online traffic is mobile. Build your online store with the Mobile-First strategy in mind and concentrate on strategic tasks while we will cover app development and maintenance for you.

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Web Development

Want your clients to spend some time on your site? If you discover less than 2 mins session durations in your GA, then you need more engagement. Our design & development team focuses on building goal-centric websites that provoke curiosity.

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Every interruption or pause in the shopping experience could cost you a client. Implementing the right e-commerce strategy and utilizing proven innovative technologies from the start can reduce your cart abandonment rate by 50%.

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SaaS Development

Build up your own SaaS platform that will minimize security risks and maximize uptime and ROI. Our engineers have developed Marquètte, our SaaS platform, and we can do the same for you!

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Software QA & Testing

We provide comprehensive QA best practices for all software solutions that we build. Our QA engineers are meticulous and passionate about delivering software that works without a hitch.

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Great design enables your clients to see a message you broadcast. We deliver intuitive design solutions for all platforms, systems, and products.

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Digital Marketing

We offer services for building up all marketing muscles, from advertising to media buying. Our AI-based platform scarps all relevant data from the web to create a fantastic customer experience.

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Affiliate Marketing

Let your service or product stand out in the crowd with affiliate marketing strategies. Partnership with influencers and media agencies will result in increased revenue and loyalty to your brand.

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