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Cloud Migration Consulting Services

94% of word-class enterprises have migrated to the cloud according to Right Scale's annual State of the Cloud Report. At Devtorium, we focus on your use case and migrate to the cloud in a fast, secure, and resource-efficient fashion, considering your organization’s individual needs and goals.

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Cloud Migration: Scalability & Performance

Scale your company’s bandwidth. If you’re an organization with fluctuating capacities and demands, the decision to scale your business up or down is embedded into the service

Enhance protection. As your data is stored in the cloud, you have round the clock access to it and secure your organization from data breaches

Promote collaboration. The cloud enables employees to collaborate in real-time, make updates using smart applications, and have a helicopter view on the current workflow

Modernize your data management. By shifting to the cloud, your organization has targeted data analytics that as to 55% of IT executives is the main reason to migrate to cloud

Increase performance of your organization. Hosting an app or website in the cloud will help reduce latency as data will be stored in one place instead of multiple servers

Save costs on IT operations and support. We handle maintenance operations and system modernizations while you can focus on new products or services.

What’s in this toolkit?


Cloud Migration Consulting

We start by scanning and analyzing the data, system architecture, and infrastructure to develop an efficient strategy for data migration. Our expertise includes migrating data from on-premise to cloud, from cloud to cloud through implementing Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), cloud computing, storage, and networks solutions. We provide secure and optimized migration of data, applications, and other process elements with no downtime and extra expenditures.


AWS Migration Services

We help you migrate and optimize your servers, databases, websites, and software applications in AWS storage. AWS Migration services enable your organization to improve operational automation, compile strategic timelines, and keep track of working serves. Altogether the functions of AWS services alleviate coordination of data shifting elements, lift and migrate large data-sets, and secure existing workflows with conventional backup.


Azure Migration Services

Migrate your application and datacenter estate from on-premises environments to Microsoft Azure. Using effective lift-and-shift technologies, we walk you through discovery, assessment, and migration stages. Our Azure experts support you for the primary migration workloads like SQL, Windows, Linux Server, databases, data, and web apps. Avoid sunk operational costs and take advantage of built-in insights with Azure Migration Services.


Cloud Application Support

We expertise in rehosting, partially refactoring, or completely refactoring on-premise applications to scalable, zero-downtime, and secure cloud environments. We understand all the challenges and issues that appear on the way of adapting technologies. Be it complexities of shifting data from outdated on-prem to cloud, scattered data silos with colossal volumes and channels, or remote access solutions - we have you covered at each and every stage of migration and maintenance.

Make your cloud migration smooth and secure

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Experienced cloud migration consulting specialists

Moving to the cloud benefits your business in many ways. Devtorium cloud migration consulting services will ensure that the transition goes smoothly. Make your business more secure, efficient, and profitable with the help of our certified cloud technology experts.

Marquettè ® - Artificial Intelligence Platform by Devtorium

Core competences

Сloud Computing

Make your business environment scalable, robust, and flexible with our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud expertise. Our cloud solutions let your company secure servers, improve mobility, and free up space.

Disaster Recovery

Suppose your organization needs to regain access to the infrastructure after a cyber attack, natural disasters, or coronavirus-related disruptions. In that case, our team of experts can create and implement a turn-key disaster recovery plan for you to ensure consistent recovery and smooth operations of apps and software landscapes.

Devtorium was a great software development partner for us from day one. They helped us navigate our way through the start-up world and continuously improve our product. With all of the pitfalls and unforeseen trials you face as a start-up, it is extremely important to know that you have a reliable resource partner who will always deliver on their promises.

Maksin Khasin

Director of Product Development Intervention Insights

The end-to-end solution for all your business needs

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Product Development

80% of software products fail to make an impact on their target market. Our custom development expertise can arm you with data and technology innovations your product needs to succeed in any marketplace.

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Mobile App Development

52% of all online traffic is mobile. Build your online store with the Mobile-First strategy in mind and concentrate on strategic tasks while we will cover app development and maintenance for you.

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Web Development

Want your clients to spend some time on your site? If you discover less than 2 mins session durations in your GA, then you need more engagement. Our design & development team focuses on building goal-centric websites that provoke curiosity.

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Every interruption or pause in the shopping experience could cost you a client. Implementing the right e-commerce strategy and utilizing proven innovative technologies from the start can reduce your cart abandonment rate by 50%.

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SaaS Development

Build up your own SaaS platform that will minimize security risks and maximize uptime and ROI. Our engineers have developed Marquètte, our SaaS platform, and we can do the same for you!

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Software QA & Testing

We provide comprehensive QA best practices for all software solutions that we build. Our QA engineers are meticulous and passionate about delivering software that works without a hitch.

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Great design enables your clients to see a message you broadcast. We deliver intuitive design solutions for all platforms, systems, and products.

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Digital Marketing

We offer services for building up all marketing muscles, from advertising to media buying. Our AI-based platform scarps all relevant data from the web to create a fantastic customer experience.

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Affiliate Marketing

Let your service or product stand out in the crowd with affiliate marketing strategies. Partnership with influencers and media agencies will result in increased revenue and loyalty to your brand.


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