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Inventory optimization and ads scheduling software

The software helped our client drive $46 billion in ad sales annually

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Who is our client?

The US company we helped has been in video and ad production for more than 50 years. Our client assists businesses to make high quality engaging videos and monetize them. Our client is a real pro for ad management, video infrastructure, and workflow solutions. The software we developed enables our client to schedule ads automatically, manage video content more efficiently, and optimize spendings based on behavior, interests, and actions.

What is the result?

We have developed a cloud-based on-demand linear scheduling tool that evaluates the progress and ensures the right spacing between ads. Devtorium engineers have also created an ad-driven inventory optimization tool with audience-based approaches to optimize the workflow with minimum human efforts. Based on extensive data about users, ad campaigns are run automatically, and people have more space for creativity!


Our SAFe certified engineers have delivered end-to-end development solutions to the client. Biggest challenges we faced:

  • Migration to a Relational DB from a high-load NoSQL Document Database
  • Advancement of the recommendation & optimization engine.
  • Development from scratch a cloud-based linear on-demand scheduling platform.
  • A powerful generator of ad campaign scenarios based on users’ backgrounds.
  • Linear scheduling UI and API.
  • Integrations via a middleware API with a third Party Software
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  • We have used various testing automation, optimized databases, implemented Raven and SQL servers to overcome the challenge of migration from Relational databases to a high-load NoSQL Document Database.
  • We have established integration with a third Party Software. Plus, we implemented an API to connect two services and enabled the services to process, exchange, and synchronize information.
  • Our team has developed a dynamic generator of ad scenarios and modules like Autopilot to help broadcasters achieve campaign targets. The ad scenarios are based on user configuration settings, production suggestions, and performing optimization.
  • We have implemented RabbitMQ, Java Queue messaging, and Masstransit framework to help the client upload Demand, Supply, and Business rules data from the third-party software.

Media storage

To manage digital content from creation to playout, our team has built media server software. After conducting AI research, we initiated developing software apps to make our client’s broadcast operation more flexible, reliable, and transparent.

Content production & management system

It was vital for our client to create backends and interfaces for media operation systems and frameworks. These functionalities provide TV broadcasters with all relevant data. We have developed solutions for storing and editing videos in-house to boost our client’s productivity.

Ads channel service

Ad channel services show customer data, ratings, timeslots, ad scenarios, and a lot more useful data. Ad channel services give valuable insights on ad opportunities and ways to boost customer engagement based on the content that has been watched. That is why we have developed ads channel targeting functionality for our client!

Ads optimization service

Previously our client suffered from a reduction in linear ad revenue, lack of leads, and new workflow complexity. We have built ads optimization services from scratch so our client can optimize costs based on actions, interests, and behavior. The CPM, cost per thousand impressions, decreases in several times when the audience becomes not enough engaged. Ads optimization service presents real-time analytics, cloud-based ad scenarios, and gives recommendations on how to optimize revenue. The solution helps run various ad campaigns and handles a payload of demand and supply.


5 trillion ad impressions
10 Technical Emmys
$46 billion in annual ad sales

Our client received complex software solutions that helped increase revenue, get more impressions from end-users, and achieve top awards in the industry with the help of our AI product and dedicated team of experts.

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Victor Andanov

VP Software Engineering Moody’s Investors Service

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Abhishek Jain

Innovation Consultant, Devtorium

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