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Vehicle insurance application

We developed insurance software that helped our client reduce the time of purchasing insurance from 6 to 2 minutes.

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Who is our client?

One of the world's leading digital insurance solutions providers with the explicit goal to power indemnification policies for innovative businesses in finance, mobility, and retail verticals. The biggest challenge presented to Devtorium by this client was to improve the precision and visibility level of their existing and new solutions. We implemented cutting-edge real-time data tracking frameworks in order to match the risk levels of connected vehicles for every segment of their journey with correct insurance coverage.

What is the result?

We began with designing and implementing an MVP solution for the client. Once we established the product's functional feasibility, we moved on to developing native iOS & Android apps and WEB services around these functionalities. With substantial tracking & analysis features, the application was able to track the full-cycle of the users' movements regardless of the vehicles they used. Hosting the tracking operations on the client's local cloud servers made the process slow and insecure. To resolve this issue and minimize the risks of a breach, Devtorium's team stood up and secured the client's own server-side operations that resulted in a faster, more stable process for data management and flow.


  • Geo tracking and sending configured metrics of location data to third party providers.
  • Collision data collection and indexing corresponding to risk identification. 
  • Storing collected data associated with the accident to create a database easily accessible to other transporting services. 
  • The application was built in React Native, which at the time was new and innovative technology.
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  • To enable user registration, add authorizations, and access control, Amazon Cognito was implemented into mobile and web apps. 
  • To reduce human error in the documentation, Devtorium implemented the following solutions: 
  • All invoices are gathered in one server. 
  • Stored documentation can be filtered and sorted into different sections and downloaded in the required format. 
  • Integrated a multi-modal management approach to enable third-party providers to receive notifications and projection invoices.  
  • The fleet management system concentrated on aggregating data, identifying risks, and analyzing data. 
  • Using our Agile methodology, the client received Progress Reports for every sprint performed, keeping the flow of the information seamless and transparent. 
  • Our Data Science experts have integrated the Sentiance platform with the express purpose of analyzing the user’s movements and identifying the type of transportation in use. This data has given insights to our client to create relevant discounts for the users. 
  • The Data Science team provided our developers with software development kits (SDKs) and various AI research solutions. 
  • To analyze user’s behavior on the app, we have also integrated 
  • Submission, Claim, Incident, Billing, and Lost & Found modules are added into the solution to personalized experience in a multi-tenant design. 
  • Our team integrated third-party partner software, multiple databases with the solutions and functionalities we built. 

The software is completely automated and user-friendly; the users require less than 3 minutes to obtain all the necessary information and documentation they need for their quote. This system needs minimum manual interaction to provide cost calculations, policies, renewals, and other features.


+1 New office in New York
6 Mentions in the top media: Forbes, TechCrunch, The Times etc
$114M funding raised

To deliver the MVP, we have used cutting-edge technologies. React.js, React Native, Angular for Web service, .NET, Django for building Server Kotlin, Java for Android app, and Swift and Flutter for iOS. We have developed a state-of-the-art mobile solution that helped our client increase revenue and improved user experience.

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Victor Andanov

VP Software Engineering Moody’s Investors Service

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Abhishek Jain

Innovation Consultant, Devtorium

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