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Beauty Management Software

With the help of this software, the client has increased the appointment show rate to 91%

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Who is our client?

Since 1957 our client’s goal has been to provide the beauty & wellness industry with forward-thinking management software. Today, our client helps wellness and beauty enterprises monitor business records, manage scheduling, capture and track transactions, as well as generate business intelligence and analytics reports. Operating in more than 30 countries, our client handles billions in revenue annually.

What is the result?

Devtorium’s development team was engaged in scaling the client’s product offerings and developed core system features. Memberships, system alerts, audit systems, and various mobile integrations are some of the features our engineers developed to modernize the system and make it more responsive. By implementing new functions like email appointment confirmations, loyalty programs, and online scheduling tools, our team helped the client significantly raise the show rate for their appointments. Integrating marketing reporting tools, capturing and tracking users’ data, remote management & inventory management tools resulted in a more user-friendly seamless experience.


  • Our SAFe-certified project managers facilitated an Agile development process to help manage the overflow of new functionalities and features planned for each development phase.
  • Digitizing the appointment scheduling process. Our client’s goal was to create a feature that can enable users to schedule and reschedule beauty services at their convenience.
  • Third-party tools and API integrations.
  • Building the remote inventory management functionality.
  • Designing and developing the goal-centric website.
  • Gathering and storing clients’ data and creating an actionable reporting framework for the business.
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  • SMS and email appointment confirmations
  • Online appointment schedule
  • Messenger

Online appointment scheduler and the appointment confirmation tool created by our teamwork in unison to replace the manual reminder process previously established. The Messenger functionality enables our client to send customizable templates via text, email, and voice messages with the ability to upload photos and videos.

  • Integrations with third-party services

To further enable the scheduling procedure, we integrated Google Calendar. In order to facilitate a more convenient payment process, we integrated WorldPay and CardConnect payment systems.

  • Marketing reports on client data and trends
  • Loyalty program manager

These two features are connected. With the help of marketing reports, our client can create attractive and relevant programs for the end-users. The loyalty program manager helps track activities and adapt them based on the client’s data.

  • Inventory management
  • Remote management tools
  • Collector system

Software for managing inventory is crucial for the e-commerce cosmetics and beauty industry. No matter the size of your business, management, and control of your inventory significantly influence your bottom line. Devtorium’s team designed a user-friendly remote inventory management tool that also functions as a collector system to help the client manage this critical aspect of their business.

  • The website

Our engineers, marketers, and designers worked together to develop the client’s website with the ability to buy gift cards. 

Our team worked together with the client to create a dynamic, exciting goal-centric website. One of the core functionalities our client wanted to implement on the new site was the ability to create and purchase gift cards for the user or a chosen party. Devtorium facilitated this robust feature by integrating various services separated into different APIs. Communication with separated services is enabled by:

REST calls or using SQS (Enterprise bus).
Back-end: ServiceStack, .NET 4.6, Core 2.1
Front-end: AngularJS, Angular 5+, Material, SCSS, LESS
Databases: MS SQL, DynamoDB
Hosting and services: Amazon web services


No-shows are reduced by 90%
$900 gross service sales per da
By 30% increased revenue due to a new website

We have participated in the development of specific features as well as product improvements. Some features are stand-alone products with synchronization to the core product. The features were developed as part of the core systems:

Powerful alerts system
Integration with the collector system
Flexible audit system
Discounts functionality
Various integrations like messaging functionality using SMS.

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Victor Andanov

VP Software Engineering Moody’s Investors Service

They delivered my 1st start-up platform which was a sales funnel optimization platform. Then they developed 2 mobile apps for me. Wrote an AI, marketing analytics platform. I am super satisfied with their work, professionalism, and hospitality.

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Abhishek Jain

Innovation Consultant, Devtorium

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