What Is AI-Driven Software Development?

Making things better, faster, and leaner, that’s what AI-driven software development is all about. Integrating AI into software products can help any business achieve incredible results. So, investing in an artificial intelligence software development company has become a trend among business leaders of today. If you consider taking your business to the next level, keep reading to learn how AI can boost your profits.

What Is AI-Driven Software Development?

Simply put, AI-driven software development is a method of adding AI to the software. The result creates an AI-powered platform or app that can be extremely efficient. AI-based tools are highly versatile as there are multiple applications for this technology.

Most often, these solutions are used for automation or to speed up research and analysis. In essence, an AI can do many of the things that a human data analyst can do. However, it processes data at extremely high speeds. In addition, it reduces the risk of human error.

The human expert is needed to make conclusions from the analysis. However, the bulk of gathering, processing, and sorting data can be done by a machine. And this type of AI-powered platform can be used in a great number of ways.

In addition, the machine learning technology that powers AI enables it to improve with every use. Therefore, all AI-based tools continuously grow more efficient, bringing more and more benefits to the user.

An artificial intelligence software development company can do both: use AI technology in the development process and create tools that use this tech.

During software development, AI can be applied at nearly every level:

  • Understanding and refining requirements.
    Outlining and defining requirements for a project is a part of a business analyst’s work in the IT industry. AI can be applied at this stage for automating manual tasks as well as gathering and processing information. The analyst can use this data to come up with a better list of requirements for the project.
  • Design of the app.
    AI can assist with ensuring the accuracy of the app design. A specialized AI-powered platform can facilitate the work of designers and enable them to work faster.
  • Development of the application.
    The actual development is long and hard work that requires a lot of effort from human experts. However, there are some coding tasks that can be automated. It’s a great way to reduce redundancy and speed up the development process.
  • QA testing.
    QA software testing automation powered by AI can achieve outstanding results. AI can catch a greater number of mistakes and test the solution much faster. Human intervention is necessary but assisted by AI the overall productivity of a QA expert increases greatly.

Examples of AI-Driven Software Development in 2022

Personal Assistants

The majority of people now use AI without even thinking about how it’s actually an AI. We mean the use of personal assistants integrated into almost all smartphones and smart-tech. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are the most popular among them. With every update, they offer a better and broader scope of services.

These assistants are versatile and can do everything from being your personal butler to running a smart home.

AI-powered platform Marquette as an example of AI-driven software development services

AI Content Generation Software

Content is becoming an ever more prevalent ‘currency’ in the modern world powered by information. Therefore, businesses that want to succeed in the digital space must consistently produce tons of fresh content. It’s hard and expensive work. However, AI-driven software development is offering ways to facilitate it.

Today, you can use an AI content generator, like Rytr or WriteSonic, that will produce texts of varying lengths. Depending on the solution and your subscription level, the levels of the texts will differ. They can range from average blog posts to short targeted messages that can be used as ads, for example.

Another type of an AI-powered platform that can be used for content marketing is Marquètte. Unlike a simple content generator, this product provides the user with information on any topic. Basically, you ask a question and Marquètte delivers an opinion on the matter drawn from the vast database of knowledge that AI can access.

This information can be used as inspiration for content writing or even as a social media post. It can provide you with answers to use on Quora and various forums as a part of your marketing strategy. Moreover, it can simply provide valuable insights that will help you understand a topic or make better business decisions.

Healthcare Apps

AI-driven software development is extremely valuable for the healthcare industry. Variations of the same personal assistants we use daily can literally save people’s lives. There are monitoring apps powered by AI that keep track of a patient’s vitals.

There are apps like Covera Health that reduce the instances of misdiagnosis by combining databases and offering a more detailed list of symptoms. Apps like Well by Chapel Hill, NC, provide people with medical guidance to improve their quality of life. There are also multiple chatbot assistants that help people access healthcare services from remote places.

Healthcare institutions, like the Massachusetts General Hospital, are investing in research and AI-driven software development to come up with unique diagnostic and treatment opportunities.

There are also apps that help manage one’s mental health. For example, Youper offers guidance in meditation and a chatbot to help relieve emotional stress.

Study Apps

An AI-powered platform can become a great learning aid as it itself learns while you are using it. This advantage has been realized in many AI-augmented study apps. For example, there is Socratic, which aids students who learn math, literature, science, and a few other subjects. The app processes images and provides explanations. So, a student only needs to take a picture to learn more about any subject.

AI-driven software development is also useful for language learners. There are apps like Elsa that help understand and learn languages dynamically. Some of them also offer translations in real-time. So, they help travelers as well.

In Conclusion: What Is the Future of AI-Driven Software Development?

The future of AI-powered apps is certainly bright. It’s crucial to understand that the list above is only a drop in the ocean of AI applications. Today you can find an AI-powered platform for marketing, self-driving cars, robotized factories, and many other tech made with the help of AI. Moreover, the number of these products is growing daily.

As it stands, a business that really wants to get the most out of technology today should be using the power of AI. But the question is how do you do this most efficiently?

The answer is simple, you talk to an artificial intelligence software development company about your business. From there on, our experts will be able to help you create a product that will bring the greatest value to your company. There is always a way to boost cost-efficiency and productivity for any business. We are here to help you achieve this!

How to Use an AI Content Generator to Boost Your Content Marketing

Are you using an AI content generator for your business already? If not, you should get on with it right away. There is no doubt that content marketing is at the heart of any efficient marketing strategy. In fact, no marketing strategy can exist without content. That’s why over 80% of marketers are actively investing in it.

And that can be a hefty investment because top-grade content is expensive, right?


The world has been changed by AI technology already, and the marketing industry isn’t an exception.

The power of AI makes top-grade marketing strategies affordable to any business, no matter how small. An AI content generation tool, in particular, can ensure that your business has a steady supply of rich content. It can be edited for your target audience by default. Moreover, the AI will use multiple algorithms to ensure maximum impact.

How an AI Content Generator Can Benefit Your Business

This phrase is definitely overused. However, content is still king. It’s the lifeblood of your marketing strategy. You must generate tons of fresh, engaging, and relevant content to get and stay visible in the torrent of the information world we live in. And doing that is extremely hard.

Of course, the best possible way to get the highest-quality content is to hire a team of writers. They will research and work relentlessly to ensure your website and social media channels remain relevant and engaging.

However, the majority of businesses can’t afford that. And even working with freelancers part-time can be too expensive for small and medium businesses in the long run.

Unsurprisingly, the solution to this problem came from rapidly-developing AI-based software. Using an AI container generator allows you to streamline the content creation process. Moreover, this AI-based solution can save you a lot of money and time.

At the moment, even the most advanced AI content writer can’t replace a human professional. However, it can give anyone the power to become a writer.

So, the business gets an affordable source of content that only requires minimal tweaking to use in any marketing strategy. Therefore, your overall marketing costs are going down while the ROI increases exponentially.

How to use an AI content generator to save money on marketing.

What Is an AI Content Generator?

An AI content generation tool is a piece of AI-powered software that can create texts on a wide range of topics. These solutions vary in the types of texts they are able to generate. Those are dictated by the power of the AI used and the skills of the AI-based software product development company.

Usually, the customer will be able to request content of varied length, type, and tone. For example, your options might be:

  • Content in various languages.
    This type of AI content generator is excellent for cutting localization costs for small businesses that want to go global.
  • Different content types.
    The most common options are blog posts, SMM posts, ad copy, email newsletters, etc. In essence, the best AI content writing software will allow you to meet all your content marketing needs. Some solutions will even have specialized templates for you to choose from.
  • Varied tones of voice.
    What is your brand tone? Do you prefer your SMM posts to be fun and easygoing or knowledgeable and sophisticated? Your target audience dictates these requirements. A good AI content generator will give you tone options, so you can ‘hit close to home’ right away.

AI-based content writing is a relatively new industry. Therefore, these solutions are advancing fast now. It means that the benefits you get from an AI content generator are increasing as the quality of texts improves.

Also, note that AI content writing software uses proven copywriting formulas. Therefore, the efficiency of the copy you get is guaranteed. Moreover, the content will also be reader-friendly as you can gear it toward a specific niche. A high readability rate is also assured, which offers SEO perks.

How to Use an AI Content Generation Tool

One of the main benefits of using an AI content writer is the ease of creating any type of content you need. You only need to set up an account. Then, follow the program’s instructions and type in your topic. Next, choose your settings for tone, type, and formatting. Then, click the button to generate the text and wait for results.

Anyone can do this, and you can use the generated piece of content right away. Or, you can go over it to edit some parts to fit your brand voice better. Another option is to have the piece edited by a professional working with the team that created this AI content generator.

It really is that simple.

Just click a couple of buttons and you’ll be able to share rich, engaging content with your audience. This way, you can create even large informative articles up to a thousand words within a few minutes.

Is creating quality content fast something you are interested in?

Our AI-powered platform Marquètte can do this for you! Contact us now to learn more.

How to Use an AI-Powered Platform for Phenomenal Marketing

When will using an AI-powered platform make digital marketers obsolete?

Right now, available AI-based solutions might not be quite at that level yet. However, given a few years of continued crazy growth of the artificial intelligence sector, the answer might be different. Today we can see how AI-based technologies are changing the entire world, like computer vision for self-driving cars. And the combined power of AI and big data analytics has enormous marketing potential. So, it’s not a stretch to say that artificial intelligence tools used for this purpose will keep evolving fast. Eventually, they will take over all of the basic marketing tasks.

Therefore, marketers need to understand AI and use its powers to augment their skill to avoid becoming obsolete. Keep reading so you know how to start doing this right away.

What an AI-Powered Platform Can Do for Marketing

AI can bring tremendous value in marketing due to its ability to automate and draw insights from data. Right now, personalization is the number one requirement in marketing. So, you must process a lot of data about your target audience. Using AI and big data analytics will allow you to do that fast.

Artificial intelligence can find correlations and trends from a vast amount of information. Moreover, AI-driven tools do this at a speed that humans can’t hope to match.

To get the most value out of an AI-powered platform, you need a framework enabling you to use all its marketing capabilities:

  • Digital ad placement.
    AI can easily choose the best spots for your digital ads and automate the entire placement process.
  • Predictions.
    Using an AI-powered platform for predictive data analytics enables you to make reasonably accurate sales and traffic forecasts.
  • Customer service tasks automation.
    Using AI-based chatbots allows you to enhance customer service.
  • Sales boost.
    Moreover, you can use chatbots at various funnel stages for upselling, cross-selling, and lead development.
  • Customer comment analysis and classification.
    Use AI big data analytics to make detailed buyer personas and manage customer feedback to derive maximum value.
  • Marketing campaign automation.
    One of the greatest benefits of using an AI-powered platform for marketing is your ability to automate multiple tasks. As a result, it enables you to save both time and money. Nowadays, AI can automate email and SMM campaigns, generate landing pages, and handle customer segmentation to enhance campaign personalization.
  • Marketing analysis.
    Use AI and big data to perform a detailed marketing analysis of any niche.
  • Pricing.
    You can also use AI-driven insights to establish pricing.

How to use an AI-powered platform for targeted ads.

How AI and Big Data Are Transforming Targeted Ads in 2022

No marketer can deny the efficiency of targeted ads. However, marketers also know how much of a challenge targeting can be. You must be a real sharpshooter to get the highest value from these ads.

Any marketer that uses a specialized AI-powered platform today can get a considerable advantage in targeting. That’s because you can use AI for:

  • Product recommendations personalization.
    AI and big data allow you to learn plenty of details about your customers and target audience. Therefore, you can create highly personalized offers with a much better conversion rate. Remember that 74% of consumers will feel frustrated if your content isn’t personalized. Therefore, personalization is the single most important requirement for modern marketing. So, using AI that gives you a chance to achieve the highest personalization level is a must.
  • Social media sentiment analysis.
    An AI-powered platform can also surf through terabytes of social media content and analyze user sentiment. These reports will give you invaluable insight into your target audience. You can use the data not only for personalization but also to adjust and even build a new marketing strategy from scratch. Most importantly, use this capability to understand how your marketing efforts perform in real-time.
  • Web analytics narrative generation.
    Get more from your web analytics using an AI-powered platform to generate in-depth traffic analysis. This way, you can learn how many people visit your website and when. In addition, you’ll know what they are most interested in. See how they react to different types of content and learn how to attract visitors to the most relevant pages.

Remember that this information can help you further improve digital ad targeting. AI-powered market research makes a huge difference for any business today.

The Power of AI Copywriting

AI big data analytics brings colossal value to marketing. However, you can’t forget about other types of AI. The foremost of them are AI-based content generation tools.

Know that an average person consumes digital content for up to 7 hours daily. Therefore, the amount of content already available online is enormous. However, we need even more of it. Marketers understand how hard it is to generate fresh content constantly. So, the ability of AI to basically do it for you makes this technology priceless.

AI copywriting, in particular, is a service that can become a game-changer for marketers. It’s because AI services are much more affordable than hiring a copywriter. Also, AI can identify and use the most efficient formulas for writing a copy that delivers results.

An AI-powered platform for content generation can be used to produce:

  • Blog articles
  • Guest posts
  • Social media posts
  • Emails

Then, you can use a different types of AI-based solutions to post this content and monitor its performance automatically.

To sum it up, you can automate the flow of your content marketing to a great extent. Thus, you’ll be able to get maximum value from this efficient area of digital marketing with a reasonably small investment.

Most importantly, you can be sure that the content will keep coming. And AI-powered market research will keep you apprised of all the trending topics. So, you can ensure your content stays relevant.

Considering this potential, it’s obvious why AI-powered marketing platforms are one of the main directions for AI development in 2022.

Bottom Line: Start a Marketing Revolution Through an AI-Powered Platform

An AI-powered platform can indeed make a difference in many areas of technology and business. However, taking into account all it can do for marketing, it’s easy to see that AI can revolutionize this sector.

AI-based solutions can generate, post, process, analyze, and monitor all your marketing campaigns in real-time. Moreover, using AI big data analytics allows you to learn as much as possible about your target audience. So, your business will be able to deliver the best results. And it’s not even mentioning all the other creative ways you can use AI, like chatbots.

Do you need to learn more about using AI to boost your marketing business? Or, perhaps, you even have a plan for an AI-powered platform of your own?

Contact our expert developers to help you bring those ideas to reality!

App Store Optimization Tips an Android App Development Company Needs to Know

Imagine a situation, an extraordinarily talented Android app development company creates a unique product that has the potential to rack up millions. The app is amazing, and when it’s launched, everyone is 100% sure it’ll be an instant success. And yet, weeks and months go by, but the number of downloads is pitiful, so the team starts to despair.

What went wrong? How could people not want to use this awesome app?

The answer is usually simple – they just don’t know about it. As of July 2021, there are 2,89 million apps available on Google Play Store. So, it doesn’t matter how incredible your product is. In order for it to be successful, it must be visible on that huge platform. What it means for business is that it’s not enough to develop a great mobile app. You also need to master the art of app store optimization (ASO) to get it to the top of the platform’s search results.

If you think that this sounds very much like SEO, you are right. In fact, many of the search optimization practices used for Google will also apply to the app store page. That’s because these stores are, in essence, limited search engines.

However, to achieve the best results, you’ll need to go beyond the basics. The tips below will show you how to do it.

Top App Store Optimization Tips for Google Play Store

Start with competition research

The first thing you should do when planning to launch an app is to find out what you are up against. In fact, competition research must be done when the app is still an idea. It’s necessary so that you can make your product stand out. Remember that it’s always best to base your own proposition on the gaps that exist in the niche. Armed with this information, an Android app development company can create a truly outstanding product.

Also, while studying your competitors, you will be able to learn what keywords they target. It’s an essential piece of data that you’ll have to use in your ASO. You’ll have to think very hard to decide whether you should focus on targeting keywords that your competitors ignore or try to compete for the top-scoring ones.

In addition, you’ll need to check out in which app store categories your main competitor products are located. Choosing the right category is a significant factor that affects application success.

Optimize the Title and Description with keywords

Speaking of keywords, the number one use for them you’ll have in ASO is to put them in the app’s title, URL, and description. Bear in mind that these sections in app stores always have limitations for the number of characters. Therefore, choosing the best possible keyword phrases is a must. It will literally make or break your ASO, so you don’t have room for mistakes here.

In order to succeed in keyword optimization, you can use some excellent SEO tools, like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner. Note that the first two are highly advanced but paid solutions. However, they will be a worthy investment on the same level as top-notch custom mobile app development services are. These solutions can really help your app get noticed and thus drive downloads.

Google Keyword Planner is free and the ultimate choice for when you are using GoogleAds. It will work well for a basic keyword search.

Extra tip: never use keywords that include the word ‘app’ or your competitors’ brand names in your title or description sections.

Use compelling images

A picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase is definitely overused, but it’s true nonetheless. And images become even more important when optimizing your app store page. That’s because you only have a limited number of both pictures and words. Therefore, images will have the greatest impact.

Start with designing a memorable app icon that stands out in your category. It must be simple but also something everyone would like to have on their phone screens, and possibly T-shirts.

The Android app development company creating the product must also invest a lot into the UI/UX design. The solution has to be not only useful but also visually appealing. That’s what you’re going to show off in screenshots.

Always post as many screenshots as the platform allows. In addition, design a beautiful template for them, so they aren’t merely rendered app screens images.

Finally, make sure that your app’s color scheme is different from your competitors. You can also read up on color meanings using this colorpedia to pick something out of the ordinary.

But the most important thing to consider when choosing screenshots for the app store is that you must show off the features that make your product unique.

Include a video

Mobile app development solutions might differ, but the marketing principles remain the same for every product, niche, and industry. And today, the supreme rule for a successful promotion of anything is ‘video makes it a hundred times better’.

People now consume more video than any other type of content, and this trend is only growing. So, including an attractive video that shows off how to use your app is an absolute must. You simply cannot forgo this step!

Even if you can’t afford some cool effects or order a clip from a professional team, it’s imperative to add the best quality content you are able to produce.

Drive traffic from your website & build up backlinks

Remember how ASO isn’t SEO but they are closely related? Well, one of those relations is that you need to use your well-optimized website and various SEO strategies to drive traffic to your app store page.

Basically, app store optimization options are limited. So, if you want to increase your outreach to the target audience, you need to do this through your website and social media channels. The trick is to set up links to the app store page for downloads. You’ll be able to use the full power of SEO for this.

You can also use various link-building strategies to drive more people to your app’s download page.

Work on obtaining app ratings and reviews

Critical ASO factors that you cannot affect directly are rating and reviews. The higher the numbers you can achieve there, the better is your app’s visibility. Moreover, they have a great impact on your brand authority. Therefore, they determine the Android app development company’s success as a business.

That said, you can see that it’s imperative to build a solid framework for generating reviews and encouraging high ratings.

A vital factor for the latter will be your updates. As a developer, you must always strive to improve your app in response to user feedback. Engaging with your users through commenting on said feedback is also a great way to build up your credibility. The freshness of the updates is also a ranking factor for app stores, so be sure to do it often.

In addition, you should use social media and your blog to encourage app reviews. Run contests or some specialized campaigns and consider offering some rewards for feedback.

Bottom Line: ASO – Must-Have for Android App Development Company Success

App store optimization isn’t rocket science, but you have to invest a lot of time and effort in it. Moreover, you need to understand that it’s intricately interwoven with SEO and your overall digital marketing strategy.

Last but not least, never forget that optimizing your app’s page once isn’t enough. You need to review its performance monthly and make adjustments to keep improving.


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